Random Shout Bubble in Arlia during Private Action... Could it be Welch?

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6 years ago#1
~Rena's Story~

After I recruited Opera, I decided to head back to Arlia to initiate the scene with the crashed ship in the Shingo/Sacred Forest. I walked around the village first to speak with my party members... had a little cutscene with Opera in the accessory shop about jewelry, then made my way to Shingo/Sacred Forest only to realize that I couldn't enter alone. Silly me.

But as I made my way across the bridge leading out of Arlia, a random bubble like this....

YOUNG GIRL: "UGH! My skin's so dry!"
....pops up somewhere in the shadows behind Rena's house. O_0

I searched around the bridge, behind the house, even talked to the girl who was labeled as Young Girl, but she only says "We've had some Evacuees from Kurik/Clik coming in."

I didn't think villagers randomly shouted out like that... so, my guess is that it may be Welch.
6 years ago#2
Very interesting. I take it that that was before you recruited Welch? Can you give some more details on what point in the story you were at, who you recruited, etc? Somebody might be able to check the PS1 version.
6 years ago#3
Certainly. I do have the PS1 version as well, but I already have multiple saves well into Disc 2, in which I don't plan on starting a new game soon to find out if it was just some random girl or it really is just more content towards the PSP version (in this case, Welch.). The thing is though, I never encountered something like this in the PS1 version during private actions of any sort. Not that I remember at least. This is the first time I've seen that in THIS private action though.

All possible information up to that point is below~

Current Story: Rena Lanford
Party Members: Rena, Claude, Celine, Opera
Storyline: Right after landing for the first time in Hilton on the Lacuer Continent, but before entering Lacuer Castle and intiating the Armory Contest. Also, before getting the book from Krosse Cave deciphered in Linga.

I decided to head back to the continent of Krosse, so I could get Opera at the Mountain Palace (already viewed 'Ernest retreating from Krosse Castle' and 'Opera in Hilton's bar asking for his whereabouts' PAs ) and then headed to Arlia to view the final scene in order to meet Ernest. Before entering Arlia, I initiated a Private Action first just for kicks (actually I forgot that the spaceship crash could be seen normally. LOL)

Then what I said above, happened. Other than following the main storyline like I did, the only other PA I had was one in Port Harley where I saved Yoole from the minions, did another PA and then saved Yoole from the boss guy. That has nothing to do with it, I'm sure.
6 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#5
That was my point in getting Opera... it was just to get Welch, since she needs 4 party members to appear during the PA in Lacuer. I just didn't want to go through the Linga segment just yet. However, once I got to the point of the Hoffman Ruins in which I was to recruit Ernest, I refused his service and let both Opera and Ernest go. I do like them (PS1 version really), but I wanted to get Dias (heard he was better in this version) and Noel. Opera's leaving left a free slot for Chisato too.

I just felt like putting this little information up, even if it has nothing to do with the Random Shouting Girl. I will however put more stuff up on the topic list, if I find anything else suspicious.

Hope that's enough information.

I read another topic about Welch's recruitment and yeah, I can only recruit her AFTER the Armory Contest with 4 party members. So, basically just omit the 'Before I went to the Armory Contest' part in my previous post. Sorry!
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