How embarassing for Claude in the Arena in Nede Play Town (fun city)

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3 years ago#1
I was fighting through Survival mode in the Nede Play Town (i.e. Fun City) to try and obtain the Fortune Bracelet, and my Lv 136 Claude (with Battle Suit, Odin Helmet, Athena Shield, Bunny Shoes, and Aertna) would make it all the way to the Hell Savant (round 50), but kept getting my butt handed to me. I was using the Mirror Blade/Sword Bomber special art load, then switched to Sword of Life and Rock Explosion, and was considering Helm Splitter, but then I tried a Lv 96 Chisato (with Battle Suit, Shield of Algol, Tiara of the Arc, Bunny Shoes, and Psychic Gun; God bless that 100% hit rate) with Tear Gas. I wiped the floor with the Hell Savant, who didn't even get a single hit on her. I just spammed the heck out of Tear Gas and used blackberries (with 10 ranks of herbology for that 50%+ mp heal) whenever I got down to about 100 MP. I ended up using the Fairy Ring/Ring of Might Accessory load with her (which was what I was using with Claude too).
I'm starting to realize that you can change your characters' roles in combat by switching their Special Art loads (especially the fighters). Also, Mages don't necessarily suck later in the game, they just focus on AoE spells while Fighters are toe-to-to with the one-on-one. Even attacks like Rock Explosion, which have a half-arc damage area, are really for that one-on-one, with the added benefit of protecting Claude from enemies changing their axis to avoid the damage.
I'm thinking of having Chisato as my AoE support fighter with her Missile Strike Special Art (it takes about as long as a spell to use.... darn it) but it looks cool, does multi hit on a small area, and decent damage.
Back to the Hell Savant. I tried taking Precis through the Survival mode because she is an Anti-Air specialist, but I couldn't get further than the Thieving Scum LV 99 (round 41). Many of her Special Arts took too long to use, so I loaded her out with Rocket Punch (very quick and cheap) for range, and Super Holograph (Holo-Holograph) for close range.
Survival mode is good for gaining 5+ levels per run through, and you don't need to heal if you are beaten because your stamina should heal you up by the time you reach a round where the opponent can actually give you a bad day.
I'm about to try a Mage run through Survival Mode, maybe with a few low level spells because they are quick. Battle Suit and Bunny shoes are mandatory. Any suggestions on accessory loads for the Mages (I know that the majority opinion is to dump the mages because they "suck" now, but they can be decent, especially with the healing, because I don't have Opera.... hey, I'm trying to get all of the characters and in Claude's story it made more sense because Ashton is the only other Swordsman and I didn't want three in my Rena run.) Anyway, I enjoy using each of my characters, though I admit that Welch hasn't gotten much love.
BTW, can someone please tell me where the PAs are for Welch to learn her special arts from Precis or whoever teaches her? I know that the Nibelung Special Art is from an item in the Maze of Tribulations. Also, where to I get the flawed orb item which I turn into an Orb of Fire? It is listed on noz3ro's faq under crafting. I know that there was one in SO:first departure for Mavel (sp?). noz3ro's faq is pretty good, too, but it doesn't have the item lists for the three bracelets (sprite, pixie, and fortune), nor the santa's boots list (which the 2nd Story board posting does; I know about the old SO2 posting).
3 years ago#2
The only flawed orb is the busted one you fix in the bonus dungeon in order to fight its 7th floor boss and that's all its used for.

For Claude or any pc that has self healing I had to use the Bloody Armor for round 41 against the Blue Level 99 Funny Thief else I died 5 seconds into the fight on earth mode.

Same for Hell Servant battle # 50 (I had its) Master Attack do max damage and never had guts kick in on earth mode at the same +130 levels.

To avoid the lag/delay if a Killer move misses (else the armors HP drain effect) will kill you by the time the delay is over use the Marvel Sword on Claude not the Eternal Sphere.

As for the Welch + Precis PA it only triggers in Armlock the town directly East of Fun City and only at the end of the game.

The item that teaches Welch that 1 PA (reclimb up Eluria Tower) and open the chest on its top floor and use Crafting (Metal work on the said item).

Tear Gas is better that missile sword attack isn't really worth using especially since the Psychic Gun still drains 2 more MP every time I move hits so a fully powered Tear Gas would cost practically double its MP cost.
3 years ago#3
Thankfully Claude's guts kept occurring, but I only was taking about 6500-7500 damage form Hell Savant's most powerful attack (usually 2500 normal attack). I've been avoiding the bloody armors like the plague, simply because I like the challenge :) (or maybe I'm masochistic; still trying to figure that one out).
I only died once against the blue thief scum (rd 41) with Claude. Yes that suckers fast, and hits hard, but even at lv 110 I was able to defeat him 99% of the time with Claude.
I thought about using the Marvel Sword (with 100% hit rate), but that was the one time I experimented by using Chisato with Tear Gas in Survival mode, and she kicked but (it has a high stun rate, and the blue thief thankfully didn't immediately rush me, so I was able to spam him too).
Helm Splitter should help you smash the blue thief from rd 41, if you're having trouble, but that would have been my next try had Chisato failed.
I'm still embarrassed by Claude for his 40 level advantage over Chisato meaning squat against Hell Savant.
I'm starting to think that I should sell the Battle Suit for 32m fol once I meat Santa in the MoT, so I can buy all the items from him, but it helps so darn much in the Arena (I should really be working on skill rather than brute force there).
Thanks for the direction for the PA and that the one item is atop Eluria Tower instead of MoT (I would have been looking for it for ages and not finding it). I'm still at the four fields point in the story, so I don't have Expel VR access yet.
3 years ago#4
I just got Mithril Fist special art for Welch in Armlock (in Mirage's Lab). I am only just past where I got the Psynard. i just got the 4 field quest from mayor Nall in Centropolis. There were only two other PAs to do in Armlock first: Tea Party with Ashton, and Guess Who with Precis.
3 years ago#5
voymasa posted...
I just got Mithril Fist special art for Welch in Armlock (in Mirage's Lab). I am only just past where I got the Psynard. i just got the 4 field quest from mayor Nall in Centropolis. There were only two other PAs to do in Armlock first: Tea Party with Ashton, and Guess Who with Precis.

Are there any other special arts I can get for Welch from PAs (not including the item on top of Eluria Tower)?
3 years ago#6
No those 2 via the item you create at the top of Eluria Tower + the armlock PA are the only 2 KM's that aren't level up based for her.

As for Precis I never made it passed round 31 only because the flying monster kept on blocking all o her attacks and she can't equip the cheap Bloody Armor which I had to use for all 50 fights even on earth mode.

But Master Attack is used so often which I had it kill a 9999 HP Claude instantly even with the Battle suit and yes I never had guts kick in at all (or at least more then 50%) of the time I never had it kick in.
3 years ago#7
I've started trying to strategize rather than brute force it. I still use the battle suit, but things like the odin helm over the duel helm (which has higher defense, 100 vs. 60) because it has other bonuses. I think the accessories and special art load are the key. I have little problem with the rd 31 phantom phoenix. The energy that gives most of my other pc's trouble is the purple slug that instant death eats you, because it is much faster than the yellow one. If it can damage you it tends to eat you.
The crushing master attacks are easier to dodge than the standard ones because it glows first and has limited axis change. Even my Mages are able to make it pretty far in the Arena (I usually use low level spells as the special arts because they are faster, but I still hit the many if I have the time to cast a more powerful one). Leon's Ravenous Fiend spell rocks because as the enemy rushes at you they run into the "gate" and the spinning blades deal many hits, and then the fiend claw/bites them 4 times anyway. The casting time is a little slower than Black Saber (I think), but it is a multi hit spells that attacks all enemies (in case of a group fight).
3 years ago#8
Well even with both the Odins helm + Battle suit I still had Master attack kill a 9999 HP Claude instantly while having guts kick in zero % of the time hence the need for bloody armors.

But because you won't have "time" to cast spells against the stronger enemies during all 50 fights I couldn't even reach round 31 of the 50 using a mage.
3 years ago#9
Spellcasting time is a bit of a problem. You've got to find a balance between casting time and power. For instance, Energy Arrow with Celine, Ravenous Fiend with Leon, etcetra. I did get a Tri-Emblem with the Fortune bracelet, which gives a nice boost to many stats and nulls half the elements. Also, I uses bunny shoes, so except for the blue thief (and sometimes the purple slug), getting to round 50 is easier. I will admit that the rd 31 phantom phoenix causes problems (I almost pray for it to try and use delay or star flare, because it sits still when it does).
3 years ago#10
Well I also used the bunny shoes and still couldn't beat round 50 before Master Attack instantly killed even my level 130 Claude on earth mode I had to Bloody Armor him) and set his self healing KM to 1 slot and Ripper Blast to the other.
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