Ruby Pendant?

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3 years ago#1
Anyone remember where or how you get this? I had it on my first playthrough, as Rena, and it really came in handy for one of the last boss fights in the game. It's not mentioned in any of the guides than I can see. -The best and largest Rule of Rose forum out there!^^
3 years ago#2
Well, according to the guide, you can craft one with a star ruby with certain characters (Claude, Ashton, Opera, Bowman, Chisato), or get it as a drop off of a Beastmaster enemy in the mines (7% chance). I don't actually remember what it does. <_< IIRC Claude is not too great at crafting without musical assistance, but that's a whole other topic.
3 years ago#3
IMHO it sucks anyways it doesn't really boost any stats or resist elemental damage at all either.
3 years ago#4
It nullifies fire. There's one battle where that is pretty essential. -The best and largest Rule of Rose forum out there!^^
3 years ago#5
Sure it nulls fire but since I grinded to like level 38+ before Celine first joins on the way to Cross cave I had the Mages via the Lasguss Mountains drop enough flare rings to null fire damage that I still didn't have to make Ruby Pendants at all.

Besides I'd rather just equip the Ring of Might + Beserk ring as the only 2 accessories for most of the game and just use armors that absorb fire damage.

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