Any word on PSN/Vita release of SE and FD?

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User Info: genodragon1

3 years ago#1
tl;dr: Like title says, anyone hear about a PSN or Vita release of Second Evolution and First Departure? Because I didn't get definitive answers when I called Sony and Square-Enix.


I noticed that on the Playstation official site that both Second Evolution and First Departure are "out" for the Vita. Which is entirely false- so I called up Sony themselves. I got an answer along the lines of "it's coming out soon, but we're not sure when". Which I understand- they're producers, and only one side of this. My next instinct was to call Tri-Ace, but apparently they're only releasing contact information regarding job opportunities, so... I figured it'd be inappropriate to call on that line. Where to go next?

Square-Enix. I called them up, and got a similar "it's coming out soon, but we're not sure when" from them as well. Disappointing, but I doubted from the Playstation call that the answer would be much different, but hey- gotta cover your bases.

I love this series very much, even when I'm frustrated by it (lookin at you, English dub of Last Hope), and Star Ocean: The Second Story is quite possibly one of my favorite RPG's I've ever played. Like my Mega Man Legends games, like Beyond Good & Evil, Bully, Silent Hills games, KOTOR, Clock Tower: The Spirits Within, and other treasured games, I come back to them every once in a while, like one would a good book or movie. I'd gladly pay for these games (especially since First Departure, I just don't want to pay for another PSP to play them on, nor do I feel like buying a PSP somethingoranother to transfer the data to my Vita.
"Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not create it" - Edward de Bono

User Info: VeghEsther

3 years ago#2
No I haven't and its unlikely to ever happen just like how I would like the crappy PS1 version of Tales of Destiny to get a PSN release and that's never going to happen either.
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