Couple of questions (Party, Grinding, Pickpocket)

#11VeghEstherPosted 9/25/2013 6:32:04 AM
She is equip the Cheap Bloody Armor 2x Atlas Rings + the Weird Slayer weapon from the bonus dungeons 5th floor and she's practically invincible.
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Oh awesome =O

Is the Blood Armor renamed here? I've just got something called "Chaos Mail" o_O
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No bloody armor is still called that its just that using Damascus + blacksmithing can result in 1 of 4 possible armors with the bloody armor being way better.

The Chaos Mail sucks since not only is the bloody armor cheaper due to taking no damage but the Chaos Mail reduces Stamina to zero so that HP and MP won't get restored after a battle is over.
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Already got the Bloody Armors ^^ How do i get the Atlas Rings?
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#15VeghEstherPosted 9/28/2013 12:59:34 PM
Chose the crafting/metal work item creation chose Claude pick the Rainbow Diamond and hope a Atlas Ring get made.

On disc 2 just use Orchestra to make the Item creation success rate 100% but that only increase its rate not what you make so save the game first.

If you lack Rainbow Diamonds simply buy the Magical Rasp ASAP when you can on disc 2 and have Rena at level 10 Alchemy make them.

For Orchestra each musical instrument has 2 songs to compose and you need at least 6 songs to use it so its only usable on disc 2.

Power up Music + Art item creation skills on at least 2 PCs to level 4 to learn Orchestra.

As for the bloody Armors Claude Dias Opera not Ashton and Chisato are the best 4 pc's to use that can all equip it but only do so after you have 7000 to 9999 max HP on all of them.

Stick a Fairy/Emerald ring on Opera (Crafting + Green Beryl using Claude) to make them.