What's Next For Let's Break?

#1XRhinehartXPosted 1/16/2014 6:27:45 PM
Season 2 of my YouTube web series, Let's Break, is drawing to a close as I complete the main game for Star Ocean The Second Story (Link: https://www.youtube.com/show/letsbreak) and I decided to leave it up to the GameFAQs Star Ocean (all the games) community to vote on what's going to be in season 3. I've been trying to decide on what to do next, whether it's the SO1 postgame, SO2 postgame or the SO3 main story.

I'm also open to other suggestions or requests for what you'd like to see happen on the show. The GameFAQs Star Ocean community's boards are my base and you're my doods, so I wanted you guys to have a say in the show. But I already made the poll in the SO3 boards and I'm not gonna make a seperate poll for each board, for obvious reasons.