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Ethereal Queen in 8 Minutes UNIVERSE (Archived)Video_G_JRPG76/3 5:47AM
Piety (Archived)Dingledoop25/27 7:24PM
Quickest way to level to 255 UNIVERSE (Archived)Video_G_JRPG15/20 6:17AM
So does Pickpocket lower party relationships in this version or no? (Archived)GreatHammurabi35/17 2:50AM
Ashton help (no one asked this one) (Archived)Forced_Fruition55/10 8:42AM
I'm completely torn. (Archived)GreatHammurabi75/7 6:13PM
Customization problems. (Archived)Prodikid35/4 6:55PM
First playthrough, need help with recruitment order (Archived)o___Okami25/2 12:21PM
tips for beginnner and missable items/ pickpocket (Archived)killer687324/23 9:16AM
Can I recruit Welch without Celine and Ashton? (Archived)DMCM34/5 2:00AM
Difficulty Spike in CoT ... (Archived)Tequila_Shot63/29 6:23AM
Do you need a healer? (Archived)ToasterMario33/24 3:24AM
A problem with Shiny Statue in Allens Home (Archived)SilentiWisp33/6 5:42PM
How to get publication specialty? (Archived)ToasterMario12/3 12:35AM
Raising AP aside from PAs? (Archived)ToasterMario32/3 12:34AM
Second Evolution Walkthrough (Archived)VladCristea101/13 11:59PM
After beating the game - some open questions *SPOILERS* (Archived)666Kefka666512/29 4:27AM
leveling up other characters? (Archived)666Kefka666312/24 5:32AM
Passed the point of no return - How much did i miss *SPOILERS* (Archived)666Kefka6661012/23 4:42AM
What level should I even think of trying to kill Iseria Queen Universe? (Archived)
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hisblood771712/19 8:29AM
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