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4 years ago#1
Okay gamers, I have been playing this game for a LONG time and even own it on both systems, PS3 & Xbox 360. I thought I would put this out there for all those who are fans of the game, but hate trying raise the money needed at the end to buy all the dang Tri-Emblems needed to make a SUPER Tri-Emblem.

If you don't know how to make a Super Tri-Emblem, a few things are required one is a Tri-Emblum (via Thieving Scumbags). You only need one so get one and hold on to it. The other is a 2 million fol Tri-Emblem (x8) from Santa's shop. Which means you actually need 16 million fol (14,400,000 if you complete all his quests).

1. First, you will need to be at the LAST dungeon of the game, the wandering dungeon and you will have to have enough money to buy one of the more expensive weapons from Santa (I bought the Empyreal Reverie). Buy it and leave the wandering dungeon as you won't be back for awhile.

2. You must also have the DUPLICATION ability on Arumat/Faize.

3. If you have Myruia in your group, she should have the steal ability lvl 10 on her battle tactics and a synthesized slayer's bangle with all four slots dedicated to one extra hit. (Hence you will need to synthesize four slayer's bangles together. Then equip Myruia with it and head to the Cave of the Seven Stars. You are looking for the Bone Knight enemy as you can steal Magic Clays from them and with Myrias ability you can hopefully steal 1-3 with each battle. Myuria has to be in close to hit them distance hitting does not work. If she steals MP from them, you are hitting them right. I also prevent my team members from moving by setting their Tactics to do nothing so they don't kill the Bone Knights before I steal the clay from them. You will get hyper potions occasionally, but you are after the clay. Steal the clay and run away and then fight again...repeat this until you hit 20 clays. (This also a great way to dupe other items in your inventory, moonstones (1 clay), symbol booster (1 clay), philosopher's stones (11 clay), etc.)

4. Now use Aramat/Faize's ability to duplicate to duplicate the expensive weapon you bought from Santa in the Wandering Dungeon it usually costs 11 clays, but you will get 650000 fol for selling EACH one. Do this until you run out of clays and steal more and repeat duplication until you hit 20 of the weapon your duplicating. Now SELL them! Make sure you also have Myruia's Haggle ability to lvl 10, too!

You should be able to raise FOL in no time, about an hour or two, versus trying to raise the money using the method of applying food to weapons and accessories. The PS3 version of this game does not allow stacking of money or experience food items due to the order the items are stacked. The amount I raised was about 13 million fol in an hour or two!

Hope this helps everybody! Made it much easier for me!!!
4 years ago#2
That's nice and all...but nothing new really. Also, if it's just about making huge amounts of Fol in no time at this point of the game, the Scumbag method is still a lot faster and more efficient.

Copied from the sticky thread:

The fastest and easiest way to farm FOL/money is by letting scumbags steal from you. First you need to synth +FOL factors into your equipment as many times as you can. Eating food that increase FOL gained before the battle is also a good idea. Scumbags will steal a certain percentage of your money, but by killing them you will get the exact amount of money stolen back, which will then be multiplied by your +FOL factors. The trick here is to make them steal as many times as they possibly can without running away, the more they steal from you the more you will get once you kill them. To stop them from fleeing the battle, you should stagger them with Black Hole Sphere, a skill that Bacchus learns at about level 60 or so. Once Scumbags enter rush mode they wont be getting affected by your BHS anymore, but they will be trying to steal repeatedly instead of fleeing. Scumbags of choice here should be Metal Scumbags since they have the most HP and won't die as soon as any of the other types of Scumbags. At first the money you get will be humble at most, but will soon grow exponentially, so just stick with it. In only about an hour of farming this way, you will have 99999999 FOL. The whole process should look something like this

You'll easily be able to raise enough money for 20 tri-Emblems that way in less than half an hour.
4 years ago#3
I realize you can use that method, too, but I prefer this method because too many times, even with the scumbag slayers, those little twirps run away before I can kill them. Nope I like method better, it may take an hour or two, but I think it is quicker. The down side is you don't get the experience though from defeating metal scumbags.

Thanks for your input.
4 years ago#4
The Scumbags fleeing really isn't a big problem at all and easy to avoid after getting a bit of practice with the whole method.
Let some of them escape on purpose at the very beginning of a fight until only one or two are left so you have a better overview, then make sure they only focus on stealing from the character that you're controlling (which should be Bacchus of course). BHS has giant range, makes them completely incapable to do anything, and quickly builds their (and your own) Rush gauge. Once it's full and they start stealing, activate Rush Mode yourself to prevent them from knocking you down, and once the Scumbags' gauge is down to about 20% start throwing your next BHS again. Once you feel like you've farmed enough for one battle, simply switch the low damage weapon you've been using with a Scumbag Slayer to kill them off immediately (just make sure to cure Void right before doing so, which they'll most likely have caused).
Safe method, next to no chance for any of them to escape, big money (and EXP) for you. We're talking about 10-15 million Fol in under ten minutes here...so even IF a Scumbag should somehow manage to get away once in a while, it's really not much of a deal.

Farming Magical Clay over and over to duplicate expensive weapons for sale just seems like kind of a waste to me when you could do a lot of other more useful things with them...
4 years ago#5
The scumbag method is pretty easy. I found gathering clays to be way more annoying.
4 years ago#6
The Scumbag method is way faster. You can earn 99m in about an hour or less.

Also, The Super Tri-Emblem is not the best accessoire. I prefer the setup used in the Ultimate Equipment Guide by C1REX
BTs: 900/900.
4 years ago#7
Well I decided it was time to attempt both methods, and see which one I liked better. Getting clays and making the ultimate weapon can take a while versus allowing those little scumbags to steal your money then get it back before. The magic clay way is the way to do it if you do not want to raise your levels too much. I tried using all the different characters to get them, but Bacchus is by far the best way to prevent them from getting away. If they steal the cash from him first.

I guess I can admit that the Scumbags are the best way to raise the money quick. Thanks for bringing up the other way to farm for fol other than applying food to all the weapons.
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