What to do with the first laser weapon?

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You get it on EnII but dont get duplication for a loooooong time. Synth some stuff onto it now and just use it for one player? If you have any item already, do you need to actually make it again for the Welch achievement(100%)? Cause Id just need to make a second laser weapon later on then right?

Does anyone also know if the topic is still around for the best synths/items to use to synth? I havent used it yet but Id rather not mess up somewhere with synthing.
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7 years ago#2
You need to create it for IC achievement.

Me, I gave it to the person who benefitted from it most - it was probably Reimi, since her weapon gave lower ATK compared to my other characters' weapons.

And since I knew that I would create more later, I felt free to syth some stuff into it.
7 years ago#3
wait until u beat the game n get duplication skill on post game n i think laser weap doesnt count on welch achievment n if u want see best snyth on gear

try to search on board FAQs on title ultimate gear guide.
7 years ago#4
When do you get the laser weapon recipe? I like to think Ive found all the character ones but Ive only made Laser Suit and not Laser Weapon yet.

And thanks for ultimate. That was the topic I was looking for but couldnt find for some reason.
Something. -Someone
7 years ago#5
laser weapon recipe doesnt exist lol. u cant create laser weap but u can duplicate the weapon after u get one

u can get this laser weap from quest on sanctuary after u beat kokabiel
7 years ago#6

What the hell was I smoking, then? XD

My apologies, go with what the majority says. But I was so sure... *boots SO4*
7 years ago#7
Oh... Well then I just have a laser weapon I cant play around with yet. /sob
Something. -Someone
7 years ago#8
Don't worry ,so you can just give Laser Weapon to any character who needs most. IIRC, I gave it to Lymle cuz she didn't have better weapon till post game. Yeah, you should save Laser Weapon and several one time items for duplication.
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7 years ago#9
the best way to make use of it is to put the following factors on a blank weapon:
increase critical hit rate (crystal)
atk\int\def\hit\grd + 5% (hyper potion)
atk\int\def\hit\grd + 5%
atk\int\def\hit\grd + 5%

then synth the blank weapon to the laser weapon to save 3 synth slots. then you wait until you have 15 tri-emblems to synth to it for major stat boost, then duplicate it for all characters.

easiest and most efficient way to max out most characters ATK\INT
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