Game Script

#1ZeroShift79Posted 3/3/2010 10:08:04 AM
anybody here has a game script for the game? thanks.
#2darkmaian23Posted 3/3/2010 10:36:33 AM
If there were such a thing, it would be in the FAQ section. If it is not there, we do not have one.
#3CloudSith5060Posted 3/3/2010 11:04:58 AM
That would be painful to write. I can't imagine anyone having the willpower to do so.
Do you... want my carrots?
#4falugalobPosted 3/3/2010 11:37:30 AM
They'd have to write down everything. EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!
#5darkmaian23Posted 3/3/2010 12:55:35 PM
^ It'd be a pain, 'kay? =P