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6 years ago#1
How can I make it? I need it for triom shop order but to make it, My ic skills aren't good enough with the characters I have. If the compound adds up, then something else go down, and etc. Is there a way to make it without waiting for characters with better Ic skills?
6 years ago#2
You should able to create Oyakodon recipe by now ,but one problem is that you have to harvest Pickled Plum at Aeos that's what most gamers missed. Unfortunately, I somehow forgot to harvest Pickled Plum while I already reached at this point of Lemuri's quest which prevented me to leave Lemuri till I beat boss.

If you haven't talk to Ghimdo (Lymle's grandpa) after you get symbol stone or haven't complete quest at citadel, you should able to go back to Calnus then fly back to Aeos that's way you can harvest there.
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6 years ago#3
You create the recipe with Reimi and Lymle.. you need 2x White Rice, 1 Raw Animal Meat, 1Common Egg and 1x special sauce. Can't write the whole ingredient, thanks to censoring in these forums.

You can get first three ingredients from Triom's shop. For sauce, defeat undeads at the Alanaire Citadel or buy it from Woodley's store. Either way, you're safe.
6 years ago#4
Oh crap, I got messed up with those two. Dang, I missed Oyakodon quest cuz I figured out that I can't complete it since there is no way for me to go back to Aeos.
Liver is evil and needs to be punished !~ Unknown
6 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#6
As was stated, you only need what Aisien said. They can only be found on Lemuris in the first visit. I believe you need to finish it before beating the boss, though, since the request was gained in Triom, but all the shops close due to the people turning to stone.

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