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5 years ago#1
Hello i have a question

In the FAQ section there are FAQS and other stuff from the X360 version. Can i still use them for the PS3 version that i have?

And which FAQ/walkthrough do yall recommenend?

Thank you
5 years ago#2
Yes, you can use them for the PS3 version, most changes made from the 360 are minimal (what exactly is outlined in the sticky thread here).

QueenAdreena's FAQ is pretty detailed and will let you get any missables and optional stuff at the earliest point possible among other useful info. It's not 100% complete as far as postgame dungeons are concerned, but at that point the rest should be easily figured out by yourself.
5 years ago#3
Thank you very much. Looks like a great FAQ. I will use it for sure.

I have a another question about the monsters item drops. How many items do a monster have in that game that he can drop? I mean when im going to get everything in that game i wanna have all the items displayed that a monster can drop.

Sorry for my english
5 years ago#4
Usually each enemy carries about 3-4 different items. The ingame Monster Collection will automatically update the list of items they drop after you got them at least once, so you can always use that as reference when looking for something in particular later on.
Be aware though that each enemy can only give you one of their potential items randomly per battle (either as a drop or by stealing).
5 years ago#5
Thanks again and what about the bosses? I mean for example: When i defeat the undying dragon will he always drop the darkness ring or does he carry something else with him?
5 years ago#6
No worries, if it's important key items like the Darkness Ring you'll always get them. IIRC bosses usually only carry just one kind of item (or none at all) anyway.
5 years ago#7
Thanks again.

I checked the sricky thread to check the differences between the PS3 and the XBOX360 version and i recognize there arent many. But there was a message

''A couple of extra treasure chests were added, and some of the final ones have been changed a bit''

Do you know the locations of those extra treasure chests or do you know a page were i can look for those? And what about the final ones? Did he talking about the ones in the final dungeon of the story?
5 years ago#8
Personally, I'm not entirely sure about the PS3 version really having any new additional chests compared to the 360 version...actually, I don't think so. If you use the current guides and open all the chests mentioned there you shouldn't miss anything...didn't have any problem with it.

About those final chests mentioned, what they did was shuffle some of the characters' last skills around and put other elemental seals on them to prevent you from getting them as early as you could in the original game. The skills section of the sticky has the most important changes covered for it. Most of those chests only concern postgame though after you already beat the final boss, and none are missables, so you'll be fine in any way.
5 years ago#9
Thanks again.

Ive read that you can get all 9 Endings in one playthrough... is this possible?

And what about the private actions in this game? Did they trigger something else beside the endings? For example a track for the jukebox that you will not hear in any other cutscene?
5 years ago#10
PAs are only for endings. It's not too hard getting all nine in one playthrough, especially if you follow a guide. Even if you somehow missed a scene along the way, there's a creatable item that will raise the characters' affinity points as much as you want, so it's still possible to get all endings in any case.

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