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4 years ago#1
The music.

Which is not a common complaint when it comes to Star Ocean. It's not that I find the music is bad, I love Motoi Sakuraba more than anyone, but why do every single track have to be a pompous and exhausting brass fanfare? I've been playing for 8 hours in total now, I'm on Arcturus VIII and my head is starting to feel all tingly from what is either a prog rock song or something grandiose with brassy grunts.

It's cool to have a proggy synth track pumping in the background when I'm roaming a dungeon, but not when I've been listening to pretty loud and insisting music for 4 hours straight. At least Till the End of Time had some retreats with piano improvisations or more ambient tracks. Last Hope would have been a much more tolerable experience if when talking leisurely with your crew members, it would have been reflected in the music.

It should be said that pretty much love this game when looking away from this problem.

There you have it. Is this problem solved later in the game, without spoiling?

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4 years ago#2
I've spend close 150 hours so far playing and right this minute I cannot recall a single song from the game. It's that memorable.
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4 years ago#3
Huh? I don't get that complaint, at least not when comparing Till the End of Time's and The Last Hope's OSTs specifically. SO3 had way more of those "in your face" music tracks during exploration areas and in dungeons than SO4 does.
Here, most of the main themes for each planet are mainly atmospheric or orchestral, nothing I would've considered overly annoying over a longer period of time...the first field music on Aeos in the very beginning is probably even one of my favorite songs in the entire series since it captures that whole "exploration of foreign worlds" feel very nicely. I also found most dungeon songs to be either on about the same level or even tamer than those of previous games in the series.

The only typical Sakuraba-esque snyth rock song early on is the one in Alenair Citadel really. Other than that the only other obvious example I'd recall is the music for the second optional postgame dungeon...but that's about as late in the game as it gets.
4 years ago#4
More than likely I'll just like the remixed versions of the old star ocean music.
I heard theres some remixed music from SO2 on this game.
Your right some of the tracks get boring to hear them over and over again. But once you get to Roak that battle music doesnt bother me.
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4 years ago#5
I've been doing the back-and-forth at the WD... All I can hear is, "Wheeeeew, meedly-meddly-mew"... Typical vg lead guitar over a rocktrax. :) It's not bad, but after you crank on that place for a couple days...
4 years ago#6
RVI985, the problem is not the amount of "in your face" tracks, it's the fact that there are so few places with calming tracks where my head can relax a little. Unlike you, I find those field tracks with the jarring low brass on the first two planets a bit exhausting to listen to for long amounts of time. The music playing in those villages are a good example of what I'd appreciate having around some more, preferably on the Calnus.

I've never had this problem before. Most games tend to balance the use of calm and restless tracks so that the player always has energy left to experience the grandiose moments in full. So basically, my complaint isn't that the soundtrack is bad, it's just that it's used wrong. Luckily, I can adjust the BGM and SFX on the options menu, but I'd prefer to have this problem solved another way.
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4 years ago#7
Then it's simply a matter of taste. I never found SO4's balance of calmer and more energetic music to be notably off compared to the rest of the series or even other RPGs in general, even less in a way that it would've actively bothered me at any point. Really can't see what's supposed to be so wrong with it in your opinion...
3 years ago#8
i didn't mind the music and am glad i didn't hear any pop music or failed attempts at hip hop during boss battles.. strangely enough though i really couldn't tell most of the in game music apart. that's what ipods are for anyway if i don't enjoy a games music then i'll mute that part of the sound and crank up my own tunes and if the options don't abide that then i'll just mute the game between scenes.
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3 years ago#9
I think Sakuraba must have cloned himself--he does the OSTs for a ridiculous # of games, many of which are 3+ disc soundtracks, like the Tales series, and he even does some odd stuff like Mario Tennis IIRC. Needless to say, his quality has gone downhill dramatically as everything sounds pretty same-y b/c he's cranking out the music like there's no tomorrow. He outdid himself with the awesome SO1-3 OSTs and arranges, but nothing else I've heard from him is very memorable. I think the guy needs to take a good long vacation, LOL.
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3 years ago#10
Sakuraba's musics is just too random...
I think what he need to improve is.. he need to have a concept.
What I want the most is "Main Theme" of the game and mix that "Main Theme" within battle theme or something else, to make it memorable.
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