Snow Toad

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8 years ago#1
Where in the Aqueducts is this and are there any indicators for it's appearance? As in lack of, or inclusion of, certain types of monsters.
In the end there's only dust and ash.
8 years ago#2
From FAQ :

Snowtoad (Toad) - East Waterway Control :
When you enter from the Central Sluiceway, it will be in the little path to
the north that is closest. There are usually two moth enemies here.
Notes : Uses an attack called Death Dive that can insta-KO union members.
It will always hit multiple members.
- Guild Quest Monster
Drops : Mystic Fiend Horn, Thick Beast Hide
Split Components :
Carcass Meat x3
Mystic Fiend Meat x4
Abaddon Egg x1
Gamertag : zerom83
8 years ago#3
are there any indicators I can use to tell if it's there without going all the way? And that spot, is it the spot with the dive point?
In the end there's only dust and ash.
8 years ago#4
I couldn't find any indicators, and yes there's a dive spot there. You go up the first ladder after you enter from the sluiceway zone, and follow the path to the dead end.
Gamertag : zerom83
8 years ago#5
Can you see it from the walkway? As in before you descend down the ladder to head to the dive point.
In the end there's only dust and ash.
8 years ago#6
Depends if it walks close enough to you, if it's all the way back you can't see it. I saw it from the ledge, but I might have been lucky.
Gamertag : zerom83

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