tough rockshell and dragon liver...

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8 years ago#1

Ok, these are both probaly self-explanatory questions. But i figure ill ask em anyways, im looking for tough rockshell, have checked fornstrand crabs and vale of gods crabs for this and no luck ... any help??

Also dragon liver, obviously is a dragon drop ... but any1 know if better to spawn off rare dragons or will any do??


8 years ago#2
I linked 2 dragons on Southern Road, caught 1 split it, got dragon live.

Don't know about the rockshells.

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8 years ago#3
Both are in the component FAQS, although it doesnt give many options >__>

Dragon liver: Gomei in great sand sea

Tough rockshell: split from Rockshell in aqueducts
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8 years ago#4
2 dragons in Southern Road would probably be easier.

Gomei from what I hear is insane to spawn and does he have over 200k?

I think the dragons in Southern Road have under 100k, not to mention u could just run around fighting a lot of them u don't have to link multiple.

Also the components FAQ is very incomplete.
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8 years ago#5

oh right so you can get the liver off of the smaller flying dragons then?? Didnt know that, thought was only big 1s ... and they go down easy enough but take quite a while to though lol

rockshells in aquaducts? cool cheers for that!

8 years ago#6
No no no lol. Smaller ones are Wyverns. The big ones are actuall called "Dragons"

I don't know if it depends on BR (I was BR66 at the time) but Southern Road eventually Spawns BIG Greean Dragons.

The ones that use Vulcan Breath & Smack you with huge tales.

I think their HP <or= 80k

I recommended Southern Road over Crookfen because I've only seen 1 dragon in crookfen.

Also abelisk use Blaster which can trash u. At a certain point they become Noble abelisk which are tougher.

So southern road and big green dragons (War Dragons) not Wyverns.(Flying Dragons)

You'l know there are dragons because the area where there is usually a Wyvern/Spirit Lord/ Vicious Plant(Big tree enemies) there will be a dragon.

There will also be no Manticor only vile Plants(Small Tree enemies)
GT: Ningenmaru, PSN: Nuninga
8 years ago#7

aw ok i wondered if you got that wrong and actually meant the heroic ramparts, because i have never seen dragons in southern road. Im br 62 and RARELY see wyverns infact only once, so dragons must be super rare... and how you chain 2 dragons anyway? i thought once they aggro you, you cant get away cos theyre so big and fast? or it would take too long to aggro them to other dragon? Either way just getting 2 dragons in the same fight seems a bit tricky lol

oh well, thanks for the help! I might also try goko in numor ... i think on my other file his body when split for components gave dragon liver, hmm ... oh well off to hunt dragons galore! :)

8 years ago#8
don't you mean southwestern road?
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8 years ago#9
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8 years ago#10
Gomei has about 90k HP not 200k. It does take a while to spawn him, but the entry on him in the rare monster faq is wrong. When mine spawned, I didn't see any enemies in the Searing Cauldron. There were no grand beetles at all. Best thing to do if you Gomei is to enter the Searing Cauldron, run to where Gomei should spawn, and then run a little more to the left of the big dune and use the teleporter. If he is there, save, kill, get liver, reload if needed.
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