Last Remnant 2

#1Diesel95Posted 1/14/2009 8:02:53 PM
ok im taking your ideas now!

lets hear um!
I just looked at my watch... looks like Big Daddy Cool time!!
#2AirDragonGalePosted 1/14/2009 8:03:42 PM
86 units on the field at once.
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#3froggy1455Posted 1/14/2009 8:04:19 PM
a million hours of lag
#4froggy1455Posted 1/14/2009 8:06:50 PM
I'd like a little less lag though,
I like how you can recruit and stuff,
and umm yea
I'd like a main character that you can change how he looks
#5perfectbadboyPosted 1/14/2009 8:07:30 PM
too many easy battles in this one need longer and harder ones so i can really get some good laughs off the fourms here
#6Rockman1031Posted 1/14/2009 8:08:33 PM
Diesel you haven't even beat the game yet (still feel sad for you save lol) so how do you know if the ending leaves it open for a sequel? :P
#7shanermcbrainerPosted 1/14/2009 8:08:50 PM
by the end of the game, you should be able to have at least 5 unions with two leaders each

"sigh" i wish this one had that
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#8EZ1304Posted 1/14/2009 8:08:54 PM
Learn the game engine before making a new game on it. Don't lie on the box and say "25" units when you really mean 18. Less "full cg" rendered scenes to allow for more actual content... the rendered scenes don't look different then the in game engine by much.
#9kholdstare5234Posted 1/14/2009 8:10:27 PM
Allow micromanaging of party leaders.
Generic soldiers can still autorun themselves.
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#10shanermcbrainerPosted 1/14/2009 8:10:44 PM
who said a sequel?
Square is famous for making games of the same name but that have ultimatly nothing to do with eachother
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