divine metal before the 6 bases?

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8 years ago#1
In past topics there have been mention of divine metal being a rare dig item in blackdale and numor mines. Can anyone confirm?
8 years ago#2
only place i know is the vendor in balluk but you only get 3
that is if you sell alot of monsters to him.
8 years ago#3
I'd also like to know. Maybe someone knows of an item that breaks down into the metal?
8 years ago#4
I can confirm that there is NO divine metal in blackdale nor Numor Mine.
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8 years ago#5
i just sold him 22 creatures with no luck...
8 years ago#6
After reading this I've been selling the Baaluk shopkeeper lots of stuff and no luck. I'm at the exact same point of being at the bases and Pagus asking for Divine Metal. I think there IS a dig spot in Blackdale, but I believe it is after the area crashes in and the right hand path changes.

I'm going to look into what weapons can be disassembled, and I'll keep selling stuff to the Baaluk merchant. As it happens I'm grinding at this point to get the BR rank over 70 in hopes Irina starts Psionics before I move on to the other bases (did Base 1 only so far).
8 years ago#7
sold him 15 more creatures, total approx 50 with no luck
8 years ago#8
Same. no luck here :(
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8 years ago#9
any luck?> i ned some too!
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8 years ago#10
I only got 1 from the vendor in Baaluk. Maybe I can get more by selling more, but so for, only 1.
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