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6 years ago#1

I was planning on going through with my quarterstaff for rush until I realized there isn't a weapon art on it. I then considered:

Mithril Ji: Midsize, Better defenses than Quarterstaff, nimble techniques

Runic Quarterstaff: Heavy, Much stronger than Ji, Mystic arts +5, mighty techniques

Nightbloom Virtutis + some shield: Unprecedented physical-mystic damage output, Double AP, Weapon art, but will interrupt my 2-handed combat arts (which is only 2 arts, a I and a II) with a new tree. Possibly with another sword if sword > shield.

Rush will learn blackout and whiteout and be a mystic-oriented Rush.

Opinions and such? As you can tell, I love the nightbloom idea, but it may not be as good for Rush as I think it will.

6 years ago#2
if you can get imperator's staff it has weapon art imperial aegis. in my game violet asked for it i declined and gave it to rush. so if you want a staff weapon which has a weapon art, the imperator's staff is the way to go. found in undelwait.
6 years ago#3

How far are u in the storyline are you? How committed to the 2 handed wield

Some weapon arts are One Handed only, Some are One handed but can do dual wield with right weapon combination.

It seems to me you are comparing apples and oranges because some of th waopons u named are much more advanced than others so you may want to compare them the same point in customization or compare the ultimate of each weapon u described.

I have not compared those weapons so my ultimate advice woull be to defer some one who has such as to Grand or darglor . Since they have done more runthroughs than I have and darglor completedthe spreadsheet with all the Unique leaders stats ultimate weapon etc he and they most likely have a more detailed awnser for you.

Or look on Wikkia see what each ultimate weapon for thosechoices are and go from there

6 years ago#4

That is nice to know for future runthroughs thank you chas.

6 years ago#5
I personally liked the runic quarterstaff (116atk, 150 matk, 46def, 41 mdef, +5 mystic arts) specifically because it didn't have a weapon art and it has the highest damage output... Take Pagus as an example; he's great until he gets Daisy Chain, because it's horrible and wastes options in his command list during fights. Similar concept with Irina's Omnistrike, even though that's not really a weapon art, as well as Leshau's Hammer Toll, Yuniver's Royal Rage, Khrynia's Demonsblow, Zolean's Sanguine Blossom and a few of the non-unique leader's weapon arts.

The problem is that a mystic-specced character does not use +str accessories and their weapons tend to favour mystic atk over atk, so the weapon art's damage tends to be relatively low. Also, since they were always in a formation to do Arcana in my playthroughs, it also made the rest of the union do regular attacks or weak combat arts for that turn.

The other good options that I'm aware of are the Malystrix Virtutis (220 atk, 148 matk, 58 def, 50 mdef, +5 Lytic, +Acid Burn, +15% Unique Stat, +30% against Demons), the Enchanted Demonblade (175atk, 160matk, 63 def, 101 mdef, +5 mystic resist) or dual-wielding something like an Aura Tataraichi with either a Shielding Tataraichi or the Nightbloom Virtutis could also be decent (although with the Nightbloom you run into the WA problem again, assuming you've developed your combat arts enough to learn it...)

Chas: It's a good idea to decline Violet's request for it, since she'll autoupgrade to a Divine Cudgel at 75 BR anyway... That said, it's a pretty bad weapon for Rush in the long term since it only has 70 mystic attack. That's not even half of what the Runic Quarterstaff has.
6 years ago#6
If Rush was in a Mystic class while DW-ing, he won't run into any trouble with WAs that require the One-Handed style. He won't be able to Style Change since all Mystic classes block style changes in-battle. I think DW-ing the Tataraichis is one of the better options. But the Runic Quarterstaff does have that [Mystic Arts] +5 effect, and combined with the Thaumaturge or Warlock class? You'll probably see MA options come up more often than CA options.

And wouldn't giving Rush the Nightbloom gimp Emmy?
6 years ago#7 is nice to hear from you again. i didnt think you would ever message me again. the poster was asking about staff weapon arts. so i told him there is one in undelwalt. i have confirmed from my cousin that last remnant will release on ps3 but in japan only with extra content. a few people asked me will there be a stateside release. that will depend on ps3 japan launch of last remnant. if sales are good then they will release in europe. if they good there then the u.s.a. so, we will wait and see. i know the weapon is not a good one for rush. the japanese guide has the stats for every weapon in the game. but thanks for your input.
6 years ago#8
Good point, sunzi. I haven't done a dual-wielding mystic Rush, so I didn't think of that.

For Emmy, Yeah, it does gimp her a bit... If I remember right, she winds up using a superior bluesteel and a might tuck if you don't give her the Nightbloom. Pretty bad, but it only matters if you're using her as one of your leaders. Then again, +5 physical and mystic resist from an Aura + Parrying Tataraichi combo is nothing to sneeze at either...

Same argument can be made with regards to the Malystrix & Haruko...
6 years ago#9
I don't know if a Mystic-focused Rush is really worth it, but it can be a source of fun. His Int score isn't exactly stellar, but he does have the advantage of stacking up on accessories and getting into certain classes to further boost damage. I did have some fun with a Thaumaturge Rush while DW-ing. Even if he's in a Mystic class, having fully trained DW arts is a nice source of heavy damage... then he changed into a Ninja for me. Having those Tataraichis means that Rush can be a Mystic tank... Not really a squishy wizard here~

Yeah, I always have Emmy leading a union if I'm doing a run with Unique Leaders. I think she stops at the Flame Bluesteel/Superior Bluesteel if you go Combat (Superlative/Shielding/Enchanted Bluesteelx2 for PC), which I guess isn't too bad... And people recruit Haruko here? I mean, she's not bad, but she's pretty much only support. Well, there are her Invocations so there's another candidate for an Arcana union, and boosting her UP for reassessing situations.
6 years ago#10

Sunzi just curious is that all Mystic or just thehigher ones.

When I was grinding early Rush becam a Magus for awhile which i thought was a Mystic but he still alternated between One handed and Dual Weild combat arts mid battle .

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