So I finally completed this game...[SPOILERS]

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3 years ago#1
Completed as in all sidequests, storyline finished and all achievements unlocked. Took many, MANY hours and several playthroughs to fully grasp the game, even with guides/references.

Was the gameplay enjoyable? Yes. Battles were epic with just the right amount of challenge. However, the deal breaker for me is the ending. I hate endings like that where the main protagonist dies (very much like with FF XIII though that was even worse).
So all remnants were destroyed, we discover that Rush is a remnant and he sacrifices himself to assumedly save mankind. The issue is that you've just spent hundreds of hours playing as Rush. Viewing the game/story from his perspective, grown attached to him. Also, if Rush had that much power in him then how come he was actually one of the weaker leaders in the game? The ending was really anticlimatic for me and also left a huge hole for a sequal that never came. I DID rate this as one of the top JRPGs of this generation yet now it's dropped below FF XIII, Lost Odyssey and even Infinite Undiscovery for me. You see, THAT game had closure. the protagnist sacrificed himself to liberate the world and SURVIVED to be reunited with his love. This game had nothing to really make it worth it.

I'm not saying I hate the game now, just that I was very disappointed by the ending. Apologies if this has been discussed many times on here.
3 years ago#2
To each their own... I'm not belittling your opinion at all but I thought FXIII was mediocre at best. The story was a jumbled mess and 3/4s of the game was completely linear. The only fun part was beating all the missions in the Steppes and the big blue dinosaur turtle thingies once they get upgraded.

Lost Odyssey was fun for a while but then it really starts to drag on due to how slow the pacing of game is in general. Doesn't help that you can essentially never lose a fight as long as you stagger your party members' deaths. Aside from the funeral scene, the most poignant parts of that game were the dreams and you can easily just view those on youtube. It's even worse if you abuse the Numara Atoll, which completely negates the challenge for the majority of the rest of the game.

As for LR, I don't mind the noble sacrifice aspect. Rush is also one of only two characters that can learn every single spell. It's not "strong" in terms of actual gameplay but it's strong in terms of the lore, I guess. I found that the part where Last Remnant fails is their "big reveal". By the time it's supposed to shock you, you've already figured it out and known for half the game that Rush is a remnant... I also disagree with your "hundreds of hours as Rush" part. My first time through the game, I did everything in the game in like 40. On a second playthrough, you can cut that down to 30ish if you know what you're doing.

I don't think it's fair to blame the game for leaving the door open for a sequel, either. Had this game been received favourably, there would have been a sequel. It's a producer/distributor/funding issue, not a game designer issue.
3 years ago#3
I respect your opinion. As I said, I don't hate the game, endings like that just really disappoint me. I get really into my JRPGs and the story is everything to me. When I'm playing I AM the main character. After growing so attached/involved it's just disappointing to see them die like that. Not to mention the blandness of the ending in general. All Remnants were destroyed, the world may or may not be saved. The End. There was zero closure.

Was still a fantastic game to play. I loved it! Just anti-climatic after thrashing the conqueror (and not truly defeating him in battle anyway).
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