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I wonder how many disks? (Archived)shadowheartsfan511/6/2008
Will be any romance? (Archived)
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Why isn't there more hype for this game? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
bout the pre order (Archived)Laharle111/5/2008
Think anything will be released before hand? (Archived)angelpyrce411/5/2008
sick weapons (Archived)Awatts4111/5/2008
How do you think this will stack with the other JRPG's? (Archived)
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The last remnant vs. infiinte undiscovery (Archived)
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how long do you think it will take to beat (Archived)Sangha619411/4/2008
"Battles of Up to 70 units"?? (Archived)Azurewraith92511/4/2008
who is he manly man we see in the ad? is he good or bad? (Archived)
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wtf Fabio is in this game? (Archived)
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wot? they show you a picture of cool looking older dude (Archived)Gog3r911/4/2008
So is this sort of like a pseudo Dragon Force spiritual successor? (Archived)acdimps411/3/2008
English gameplay video (Archived)
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What Happened? (Archived)GiverOfBoners611/2/2008
# of discs? (Archived)Meekrab411/2/2008
Will this game live up to your expectations? And how difficult do you... (Archived)New_Jerusalem611/2/2008
Is there a little DMC here? (Archived)1949tcr211/2/2008
So who is the VA's in this game? (Archived)MonkeyMaster007411/1/2008
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