game keeps freezing during early mission!!! HELP!

#1MtpgamerPosted 10/14/2008 10:04:14 PM
brand new 360, no other game freezes and it freezes in the same spot!!!!!

anyone else have this problem??????

its the first real mission for the saints and it always frezes before i get the guy back to the base after getting him out of the courthouse...

ive tried EVERYTHING. clearing cache, alternate routes, EVERYTHING...any ideas>
#2i b LinKPosted 10/15/2008 10:37:08 AM
Do you have a stain on the bottom of your disk? No one knows the exact problem but we are trying to figure this out. If your getting it in the same spot every time, I'd get a new disk. I have a stain on my disk but my game only froze once and I passed that spot my second try.