Can pick up hookers in this game?

#1Waverunner1978Posted 10/17/2008 4:58:28 AM
like gta??
#2yutterhPosted 10/17/2008 5:19:41 AM
i never have tried picking up a hooker but their is an activity at certain locations where you go into the back room with a hooker and "play"
#3ELDuranPosted 10/17/2008 5:21:23 AM
Do you play cards, chess, checkers, maybe monopoly?

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#4yutterhPosted 10/17/2008 5:22:22 AM
I dont know you dont get to watch >_>
#5yutterhPosted 10/17/2008 5:23:00 AM
most likely chutes and ladders <_<
#6hsrstealthPosted 10/17/2008 5:31:05 AM
^No you obviously play Scrabble or Boggle!!! It says to do the *insert phrase here* so you must be spelling something!
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#7yutterhPosted 10/17/2008 5:32:57 AM
it also sounds liek their going up and down the board and those are just new slang words <_< yoru doing all that moving with your control stick so you must be going somewhere >_> or maybe they are playing saints row 2 co-op.
#8Waverunner1978(Topic Creator)Posted 10/17/2008 5:35:49 AM
cool. thanx.