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8 years ago#1
cant seem to find this area,it is in the suburbs district and not the expansion district right?, I have been all over the area, anyone know what the location looks like on the map?
8 years ago#2
It has its own area in the Expansion district, Mourning Woods Cemetery.
8 years ago#3
top left corner of the main map, the section right above elysian fields in the trailer park district.
8 years ago#4
Thanks, hes a gonner
8 years ago#5
If i remember right, you have to wait until 10pm or something to kill him.
8 years ago#6
how do I knpw the in-game time of day?
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8 years ago#7
Your phone has the time.
8 years ago#8
If there's one thing I liked about GTA, it's the convenient clock location. Pressing start and shifting to the phone for it to have a 'neat' little one second intro is actually pretty annoying.
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8 years ago#9
This is the only time in SR you need to know the time though.
8 years ago#10
True, I guess that gripe goes to SR1 where shops are closed at night. And there is no way to skip time forward, except by using a glitch.
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