Secret Area Map

#1HellSpiritPosted 10/28/2008 9:11:22 AM
This map is NOT the final version. There are 30 of 32 secret areas highlighted here that I have confirmed in red.

The 2 green numbers you see (31&32) are places I have been told are secret areas, yet I could never confirm it, because they failed to register as secret areas when I visited them. Numerous times.



1-Shipwreck Cove.
2-Bone Island.
3-Super Secret Island.
4-Violition Oasis.
5-Ruin Island.
6-Lookout Island.
7-Lost Island.
8-Cemetery Sex Cavern.
9-Price Mansion Rubble.
10-Suburbs Waste Water Vents.
11-Marina Lighthouse.
12-Skull Cave.
13-Pirate Ship.
14-Developer Offices.
15-Parthenon Ruins.
16-Museum Sculpture Row.
17-Downtown Highway Ball Courts.
18-Kings Plaza Station.
19-Downtown Glass Walkway.
20-High Rise Gardens.
21-Downtown Riverwalk.
22-Saints Row Canal.
23-Phillips Building.
24-Phillips Building Roof.
25-Ultor Memorial Statue.
26-Saints Row Church.
27-Peak Of Mount Claflin.
28-Robot House.
29-University Observatory.
30-Nuke Waste Dump.
31-Ultor Mall.
32-Underground Caverns.

Thanks go out to blackbelt519, fatbert, DrAgOn SlAyEr 9, ste123u, TallgeeseIIII and everyone else who contributed. Precise descriptions of each place if you struggle to find them can be found in the original thread :
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Is the giant bunny a secret area? also where do you find this bunny?
#5HellSpirit(Topic Creator)Posted 10/28/2008 9:38:21 AM
No the bunny is not classed as a secret area. To find it, head over to Ruin Island and climb the steps. A small woden arrow sign will apear by your feet. Follow the arrow..
#6TallgeeseIIIIPosted 10/28/2008 9:48:59 AM
hey, i just posted in the other topic that i'm working on a map myself, don't mean to compete with you so do you mind if we collaborate? i made a high resolution map of stilwater, that combined with your island locations could save us both time and release a higher quality map.
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#7HellSpirit(Topic Creator)Posted 10/28/2008 9:56:07 AM
Go ahead TallgeeseIIII! You can use my map however you wish. :)
#8TallgeeseIIIIPosted 10/28/2008 9:59:25 AM
ah perfect! by tonight we should have a nice, accurate map, i'll confirm all those locations with a new profile, and hopefully we'll come closer to a true 32/32. i think the secret areas are this missing 43rd vehicle unlockable, personally.

i have 3 vehicles yet to be unlocked, and i have the barnstorming, the tow truck and the secret areas left to do, i've done absolutely everything else.
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wow thanks man...Does anyone with a mic wanna do this on coop?
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FTW you own
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