don't hate on auto aim pt2

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JoshEngle posted...

Auto aim any word?

Are you one of those kids that think your good at GTA cause Auto Aim is on? I mean unless you suck at games there is no need for auto aim.

***FYI GTA has auto-aim AND free mode you tool

Oh, and no offence but GTA had auto-aim and was STILL hard, if anything it made the game ALOT harder you stupid moron, eg. GTA SA (ps2) i had to auto-aim and it took ages to drill just one enemies HP down to '0' as free-aim mode was hard to use, i had to do all this WHILST a whole gang attacked me with AK'S. When I played on pc it requires ACTUAL skill not this CRAP box360 free aim that you call skill, in this REAL free-aim i could instantly headshot people due to quick reflexes
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First, I'm not a biased blind fanboy kind of person. I'm very open-minded and look at both sides of arguments fairly. But none of your rebuttals are even valid.

1. There is no aim issue on the console. I get MANY headshots in all my firefights. Also MLGs say hi. (not me)

2. Why is it only called skill when a game is played on PC? Anything that requires you to try can be called skill. Anything you must try to do can be improved at or deteriorate and chances are somewhere in the world someone is better or worse than you at it. You cannot just dismiss console aiming because it's easier on PC.

3. You are still just arguing that PC is easier. And no, auto-aim is not necessary, proven as there are thousands upon thousands of console MLGs. And not even MLGs as well; just regular good console players do just fine without auto-aim, you don't need to be a pro to avoid "watching a crosshair slowly move across the screen"

4. You contradicted yourself. First you said it's only skill when It's on the PC now you are saying it's not skill at all to point and shoot.

5. Just because auto-aim is on and it's still hard just means you don't have the ability.

6. Once again you say it's only skill on the PC. You cannot pick and choose in this situation. Anything you can accomplish can be called a skill. Your opinion isn't law.

Look into getting "FPS Freek" attachment if you are having trouble "watching a crosshair slowly move across the screen". PC can have accessories so why not your gamepad.

If' you like auto-aim that's fine, I respect that and I don't think it makes you a lesser gamer. And anyone who attacks you for using auto-aim is just stupid. There will always be morons trying to tell people how to play games when they should mind their own damned business.

But saying console aiming doesn't require skill and PC does is just silly. Come on dude..

BTW if you doubt my skill I will glady post some videos to youtube.
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In addition to "FPS Freek" also you should set aside time to just practice. Regularly playing GTA or SR is not enough. Firefights don't last nearly long enough to train your thumb to be efficient, What little you learned in that 5 minute shoot out is quickly lost. The human body doesn't work like that and you won't get significantly better.

I don't use the cheats or invincibility in SR3 normally but i did use it couple times to practice. It's allows for extremely long wars where all you need to do is focus on getting headshots for 30mins, 1 hour or however long it takes you to get bored. Try it out and good luck.
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There is a little stupid in all of us.
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...this is a sandbox game, not a competitive shooter like COD or BF3, which have auto aim.

I'm not sure why you are making college essay sized posts about this, when it only really matters if you play TDM or something, but online comp play for this and GTAIV died out.
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