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3 years ago#1
just want to make sure that the two DLC's you pay for adds stuff/missions/whatever to the game, not just for the co-op/multiplayer. the description on the market place makes me a bit unsure and i don't want to pay to find out seeing as i've never been a big fan of co-op and multiplayer in games.

and if anyone is wondering, no, i haven't played Saints Row 2 yet. i played Saints Row the Third first and loved it. so now i'm going back and playing the first two games in the series. i'm currently about half way through Saints Row at the moment.
3 years ago#2
Corporate warfare adds a few missions related to two powers within the Ultor corporation and a few other odds and ends like some new cars in your garage, a few extra pieces of clothing. The Ultor exposed adds missions related to the Ultor Corporation's evil doings like it building it's private army up and teh legendary Tera Patrick teams up with you for it.

The unkut pack is like roughly 80 different customization items, between clothes and tattoos.

Unkut pack isn't necessary but corporate warfare ties up a loose end from SR1.

basically get corporate warfare and ultor exposed for the extra missions or at LEAST, corporate warfare only, and unkut if you want more customizations.
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3 years ago#3
K, thanks a ton for the explanation of the DLC's. It helped me alot.
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