multiplayer badges (saftey Spoilers)

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Don't konw if this is on here or not but here is a list of some of the badges is there anymore?

Road Rage - 150 people killed by vehicle impact
Trigger Happy - 100,000 shots fired
Brain Surgeon - 100 headshot kills
Burnout - 10 opponents killed using fire
Mass Murder - 10 multi-kills
No Questions Asked - 10 matches with 20 or more kills
Leadfoot - Spend 2000s in first place.
Saint Picasso - 100 tags taken
Assault and Battery - 10 melee kills (not counting slaps)
Fully Loaded - Fill all inventory slots
Track Star - 3000s spent sprinting
Original Gangsta - 10 ranked matches played
Team Spirit - 10 slap kills
Pimp - 20 matches played
Demo Demon - Car driven inutil it exploded
Nutjob - 100 nutshot kills
Party Animal - 1 custom match hosted and won
Regulator - 5 matches with > $30,000 scored
Ar... - Saints Row 2 MP played on September 19th
Wrecking Crew - 50,000 Mayhem/Derby damage dealt
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Nice I was wondering how those badges were gained
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Nice, thanks for the info. How do you host a match? I've only been able to parties and my team has won pleanty of those, but still no Party Animal badge.
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this should be sticky'd and updated
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I've learned that the upgrade badges(the ones that come after New Jack) are earned by saving up your multiplayer cash. I can only remember getting Gangsta for saving up $20,000 and Soldier for saving up $49,000.
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Tip: You get more cash from playing Strong Arm ranked matches.
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