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6 years ago#1
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on parrying? I am to the fourth or so shield guard, and the game is just being unfair to me. I try to parry and attack, but instead get either parried myself from this one, or he slashes me right before my hit lands. I was so frustrated with this I put the game down.

I have no problem parrying, as I can actually parry his parrying me, but going into a 3rd parry is ridiculous!
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6 years ago#2

press A then X then A then X etc u hav to be fast. the game is eaasy in combat u can practically finish the entire game without talking a single hit. amazing game tho

6 years ago#3
ok, cool, thanks
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6 years ago#4
Troubling. Same thing here. You never know when an enemy will attack you during your attack. Tried the A and X thing, but it doesn't work all the time.
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6 years ago#5
It's tricky, but eventually you get the hang of it. Basically just be pressing A at all times when you're not attacking. It took a while to get used to but once you get it you feel pretty cool!

Any advice for me in my thread about starting a new game after beating it?
6 years ago#6
It seems to help if I block/dodge, then wait for the slow down and attack almost at the end of the slowdown. If I am swinging and it looks like the enemy will double-strike, then I can block/"attack cancel" before I hit him and dodge again. Timing is everything apparently...
"C'mon, let's kill each other over the pepperoni" - The Goonies
6 years ago#7

just finished survivor mode and got my 200 gs. man this game is fun.

6 years ago#8

Am I the only one who actually hates the combat in this game? I'd much rather be running around looking for light seeds than throwing my controller on the floor because I've been banging away at one of the 2nd-tier generic enemies (the ones w/ the black cloud coming out from behind them) for over 20 minutes without being able to whittle away even 1/4 of its health bar.

Talk about FRUSTRATING. I can't get a hit in edgewise, and thes guys seem to be completely immune to anything I throw at them while they have the black cloud present, yet I can't ever seem to get the black cloud to go away.

6 years ago#9
The fighting in this game is just stupid. I'm gonna try the "constantly press A when not pressing X" tactic and see if it works, but i'm wondering how cool this game actually could have been without the pointless fights inserted in this game, or even a decently implemented fighting mechanic.

Starting to regret the $5 i spent on the game, and that's saying something.
6 years ago#10
^ constantly press A when not pressing X will just cancel your attacks before they hit.

After you parry/dodge, hit x and if you see the enemy even slightly move like he's going to attack, then attack cancel and block with a.
"C'mon, let's kill each other over the pepperoni" - The Goonies

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