PS2 port has been rated by ESRB.

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6 years ago#1

Can't wait, love this game on the PSP.
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6 years ago#2
It'd be nice to play this game on a console. Wondering what they'll set for a price?
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6 years ago#3
nice...i can't wait to play on ps2 ....
6 years ago#4
Good news, and brings up my hopes for a PS3 release this year or early next year as well.
But why PS2? Like the author basically said, that's sort of odd, isn't it? I mean, it's been almost 3 full years since the game was released on PSP. Dark Mirror only had to wait a year to get its console port. You'd think they'd have worked on the game enough by now to port it to the PS3 instead, right? I don't care if it's the same game as Logan's Shadow on the PSP, I just want a PS3 Syphon Filter, dammit!!! We all do!!!
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6 years ago#5
Probably Sony is trying to expand the lifespan of the Playstation 2 a little longer by porting this GOOD game onto the PS2. But mind you Logan's Shadow wasn't a bigger seller on the PSP so obviously that want to make some money out of the game and plus please the Syphon Filter fans who don't own a PSP.

The good news is it shows that Sony is still interested in producing Syphon Filter and the chanes of a PS3 Syphon Filter are now stronger.

But don't expect a release anytime soon, because Sony Bend is a small developer with only 50 staff and it took them more than a year to make Logan's Shadow for the PSP. Imagine the time it would take them to make a PS3 title? Not to mention they have to re-train all the stuff.

Also remember they only finished Resistance Retribution for the PSP early 2009 so they would only have a full year for the team to work on a new Syphon Filter. Plus they would now have a small team working on the PS2 port of Logan's Shadow. So a release this year is very slim.

But we know for sure they will be working on a PS3 game since last year they put up a job listing with PS3 development as a preference for past experience.

However I wouldn't suprise if Bend was to make an Uncharted game for the PSP.
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6 years ago#6
I understand about the size of Sony Bend..but they're backed by Sony..( ya know..multi-billion dollar company)... so while i'm liking a know they're squeezing the money out of everything they can while keeping cost down.... honestly..that's why there's no Syphon for the ps3.... yet... i feel they're gonna pop 1 out..but in the span of a consoles life.. a successful game should have a few..not just 1... ps1 had 3...ps2 had 1 plus a port and now another port comin?...psp has 2 plus an online only addition....
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6 years ago#7
So you would perfer that Sony Bend outsourced the development of the next Syphon Filter?

Ok would you like if the development of Metal Gear Solid 4 was outsourced to EA games?

Besides how is having only one installment of a franchise on a console so bad?

I mean there has only been one God of War on the PS3, only one Metal Gear, only one Killzone, only one Resident Evil, the lists goes on.

Killzone took more than 3 years to make, God of War took 3 years to make, Metal Gear Sold 4 took more than 3 years to make, how much of a PS3game would Sony Bend produce in just a year?

It was easy in the PS1 days to endlessly produce sequels since it was cheap and easy to make games. But now game systems have become more powerful and disc media has become bigger, so as a result it takes more time and energy to make a game for a system.

I don't mind a franchise only having a single outing on a system, because we will have one excellent memorable game instead of three average quality games.
I shoot first, drink brandy later.
6 years ago#8

whens it coming out?

6 years ago#9
you ask if i would like the game to be outsourced?...hmn... not really..if you look at's really Bend studios which has been the original dev since day 1 for the syphon should it be outsourced? in my opinion....but.. like i said" it's backed by a multi billion dollar company now( Sony) they can hire a few more hands to get the syphon series on the ps3!....

there's only 1 metal on the ps3...yes you're right!!.... at least there's 1, that was my point.. ...there's no syphon on the ps3....jthere should be at least 1 version for the ps3 by now....even a port would be acceptable...for those who don't own the psp...then the can have some Dark Mirror and Logans shadow on the ps3....and create a whole new fan base for the ps3....honestly...something should be available for the ps3 that sparks the syphon franchise back to life...
Can't wait for anything Syphon Filter, Metal Gear, Gundam, and of course..Socom 4 from Zipper!!!...
6 years ago#10
According to Amazon I see a June 1 2010 release date set for PS2 :)
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