Cant bieleve no one plays this game more.

#1CliftonmwPosted 6/14/2008 5:46:14 PM

I will look for future releases of this game. I think it is a touch of both powerhouses (2K and EA). It appeals to me with the simplicity of button controls, great defense and nice motion capture moves. Its not nothing to knock you out of your seat, but will keep you in it. There are no multiple seasons or even focus or player editing, but that is made up for with replay challenges and managing of you created star player. The post game is nice. Great moves in the paint.

There are some things that would be a great addition like the aforementioned, Multiple seasons as well as trade restrictions. I like the fact that you can adjust the CPU starting rosters which is good if you keep up with real time injuries and so forth. I am sure graphic will get better in the future, but not that bad to begin with.