can you use arrange teams in season mode?

#1wiiguy118Posted 3/3/2008 4:53:53 PM
topic, as far as i can tell thats the only way to use updated rosters in a season, so is it possible?
#2DarkShade9Posted 3/12/2008 9:00:10 PM
You have to unlock that ability in the Shop, but in order to unlock it you have to get 13 trophies in Season Mode, like MVP, Silver Slugger, etc. and 100,000 Pro points to purchase it.
#3redarmyPosted 3/14/2008 9:14:23 AM
hey in a previous locked post, somebody said, they used the password to get a great player, put him on his team, edited the other players on the team and got the 13 trophies.

I unlocked a player Reggie Jackson, so how do I get him on my team? Do I do this in success mode or season mode?

Please help me, I want to get arranged teams unlocked so I can go to work on updating teams for this upcoming season.

thanks for the help.
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#4DarkShade9Posted 3/14/2008 11:40:41 AM
Go into Season mode, go to Commands (I believe) and select Reg. New Player. Then scroll over to your Success mode player area and pick him, then hit Ok. Now you have to pick him up through the F/A Acquisition.
#5kukukupoPosted 3/23/2008 9:16:59 AM
So far I have like 20 trophies. Do you need the 100,000 points to unlock it as well?

For some reason I thought things unlocked even if you didn't have the points to purchase it.
#6JGaoPosted 3/23/2008 9:55:52 AM
It'll unlock as long as the trophies are collected. Obviously, you won't be able to purchase it until you get the points, but it will be there in the event that you do get the points.

To expand on Darkshade:
Actually, Reg. New Player is under the <Management> section. Choose that option, and choose "Register" (Pink color, under "OK") select the player you want to add, and put him into the space up top. Then, just sign in as a free agent, just like you would if you wanted Micah Owings.

Another way to use updates rosters would involve you losing almost all of your owner points in Season Mode. You would Trade all the players you don't want, for the real ones, and you would probably need to add in a bunch of owner points to make the trades work. Or you could just hope to get really lucky at the dream draft!
#7kukukupoPosted 3/23/2008 7:00:38 PM
IT still says 'back ordered'.

It can be any trophies right? I have a couple divisional, mvp, silver bats/etc.
#8maxdsterlingPosted 3/24/2008 7:02:46 PM
I believe they must be 13 unique trophies...
#9redarmyPosted 3/26/2008 7:59:13 AM
yeah I finally got it.

I just edited the yankee players so they would be great and then simmed the season. I got all the trophies I needed and the points to unlock it. fantastic.
"Thats not what he said you ignorant wretch. Your Spanish is worse than your English!" - Johnny Ringo - Tombstone