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User Info: BurritoChimp

8 years ago#1
What is the best country to use in your opinion?

User Info: NightsDelusion

8 years ago#2
"She wants me, she beckons, she left me for dead, but death didn't want no sloppy seconds." SageFrancis "Buzz Kill"

User Info: Maximoom

8 years ago#3
Varies on maps

1x1 = German, Russian, Ottoman, Sioux, Japan ....
Team maps = French, Dutch, German, Russian, Sioux, India...
Naval maps = British, Aztecs...

User Info: Algolagnia

8 years ago#4

All native civs had the firepit(water dance, etc) nerfed in the patch. Aztecs are not nearly as strong on water maps now.

User Info: fuzzyduck1981

8 years ago#5
I like Japan, especially when going against European enemies - ninjas massacre those annoying mercenaries & are very useful for quick raids on buildings.
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User Info: Algolagnia

8 years ago#6
Spain in treaty, or even supremacy using a limited missionary/unction combo(x3 missionaries for +16% damage as opposed to all 10 for +63% damage).

Number of Missionaries

1 = 5% increase
2 = 10% increase
3 = 16% increase
4 = 22% increase
5 = 28% increase
6 = 34% increase
7 = 41% increase
8 = 48% increase
9 = 55% increase
10 = 63% increase

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