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8 years ago#1
for some reason i cant figure out how to start a revolution. I get my european civ to age four and nothin i look in my town center and there is no option for there a certin way that it will work or what?
8 years ago#2
anyone? these boards are dead
8 years ago#3
Simple. Revolution is a CHEAP way to improve your Civ.

all of your Villager will turn to Colonial Militia which is an Infantry unit with power equals to
guard musketeers or so.

your HC shipments will only have collonial militia, 4 GATLING GUN and Fort Wagon. All of them can be sent for infinite times.

reqs are 1000 wood, gold and food.

Revolution is your last hope if it seems you can't win the game.
8 years ago#4
It's the button with 3 fists right next to the advance to imperial age button.
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8 years ago#5
once i reach age 4 i dont even get an option to advance to age 5 for some reason so mabye thats why im not geting the revolution option. is there a pre requisit for age 5? all of this is in skirmish by the way.
8 years ago#6
sounds like youre playing deathmatch
8 years ago#7
you must be playing Supremacy to reach V-age or Revolution... and i not sure if you need the Warchiefs expansion for revolution.
8 years ago#8

which civ do you use?

only the original civs can revolt. the Asian and native american civs cant revolt...

if u use one of the original civs than i cant help you...

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