How to PROPERLY PAIR the official SONY BT Headset with the PS3!

#1Savage_forlifePosted 10/14/2008 11:08:58 PM
This is listed in the SOCOM Confrontation manual on page 35 but here we go......

If you paired it with the traditional register headset method where it scans for it, then its wrong and it will only function as an ordinary BT headset with no HQ mode.

1. Update your PS3 firmware to 2.50 first. Then go into " accessory settings\ manage BT devices " and delete any bluetooth headsets you see there.

2. Plug the USB cable that comes with Socom into the system first. DO NOT connect the other end to the charging cradle. Make sure the BT headset is NOT in the charging cradle.

3. Pry open the little compartment on the HEADSET that is just above the power button. Then pull it a little bit and it will open wider and slide out slightly.

4. Plug the small end of the USB cable into the USB jack on the headset itself. Watch for the power light to stay green for about 2 seconds. If you only get 2 seconds of red light then it failed to pair and repeat step 4.

5. If you got green, disconnect the cable, plug it into the charging cradle. Do not put the BT headset into the cradle yet. Turn the headset on and go back to accessory settings\ manage BT devices. You should now see audio device. Hit the triangle button and go to info. Here you can rename it and make sure that HQ mode is on.

6. Exit there and go to audio device settings and test it and set your mic level. Don't forget to turn up the volume on the BT headset itself using the volume button. ENJOY!!!!!!
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7. Charge the BT headset in the cradle fully.... and THEN ENJOY!!!! ( MY BAD )
If all you have to say is something IGNORANT, then keep it to yourself. On the Internet it's contagious!
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i paired mine normally and it wont work
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Is it just me or is this way too complicated?

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stickied !
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#10tfsolPosted 10/15/2008 6:56:39 AM
All i did was charge it up 100% in the base station hooked up via usb to the ps3, then after the patch, it worked. Pretty simple really. Didn't have to pair or go into accessories.