Case 3 help: Adam Kilborn

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8 years ago#1
someone help please i'm goin crazy over here.....i cant prove that the trailer in case 3 used to belong to adam kilborn. I got the birds nest and i interegated the proffessor but when i talk to kilborn he says he has nothing else to say. any advice would be awesome!!!
8 years ago#2
check the topic above this one "Stuck on Pyschic Lady"
answer is there
8 years ago#3

hey pls pls pls help me I'm stuck don't know how to get to the stage with the trailer

I've restarted the game so many times and cant get it iv done everything up until i got the warrant for Adam but after asking him all the questions i don't no what to do next if u can help please do x x x x:?

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