New Town complete! SPOILERS

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9 years ago#1
I just got the 1,000,000 studs in the New Town level, heres a quick run through on how to get the studs:

1. Get Force Pull
2. Have A Jedi with you
3. Use Force Pull to destroy Gonk Droids for studs(works even with Super Gonk on)
4. Use Force on almost every object before destroying it with Lightsaber, etc.
5. Build that box around the boat and push it in th water, get in it and go after the studs
6. Build the LEGO letters
7. And mess around at the church(save the cat, ring the bell, open the Dark Side door, and make all the flowers pop up)
8. Destroy everything else

Reply or e-mail me with any problems, I hope this helps.
9 years ago#2
Thanks for the quick guide!
How long it take you to get all the studs about?
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9 years ago#3
I quit about three times, so total 3 hours, the final time i did it took about 35 min.
9 years ago#4
r u talkin bout the lego city level??? cuz if u are there aint a church lol or a boat -- if u r talkin bout this level plz tell me were they r lol
9 years ago#5

egnore dat last post lol... how do u do force pull when youre a jedi and youve bought it, cuz i bought it 4 12,000 money things n then go on da new town level n force a gonk droid n he just flies bakwads -- how u do it da uther way??? plzzzzz help

9 years ago#6
you have to turn it on before you enter the level
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9 years ago#7
I spent an hour on this earlier. I needed 30 more coins. The only thing I hadn't done was kill Gonk droid things. I tried bombing them, pushing them, drowning them.... then gave up.... now I find out you've got to unlock something?
9 years ago#8
No, you don't need to unlock anything. It is easier with the "force pull" cheat on, but you can kill them if you use the "unblockable lightsaber strike". This basically entails hitting square once or twice, then hitting square when you are finished with your previous motion. The lightsaber will make a different noise and will spark a little bit when you do it. You need to perform two of these on the Gonk droids to kill them.
9 years ago#9
Okay, thanks for that, I guess i'll try again.
9 years ago#10
I did everything in the first post and i am stuck with 947,000 studs. Help please
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