Tidal Pools- Catching a tiger shark Possibal Glitch!!!!!

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  3. Tidal Pools- Catching a tiger shark Possibal Glitch!!!!!
7 years ago#1
I need to catch a tiger shark to get the last piece of the map but no matter where I walk in the tidal pools area and tell my sim to fish it just walks to the same place and casts out and they throw the rod in. I can then see the red float above the water but I canít fish because they donít have the rod in their hand. Though I donít lose the rod its still in my inventory after my sim has thrown it. If anyone knows what im doing wrong please help me because this is annoying because I cannot get the last piece of the map and progress though the game.
7 years ago#2
Have you fished with a pole before in other locations? If not, maybe you need to practice it before going after the shark. I fished a lot with the pole back in the Dark Cave, and when I got to the Tidal Pool, I caught the shark on my second or third try. Fishing with a pole builds up logic points. I wonder if you need high logic points to be good with it.
7 years ago#3
yeh my sim has full logic, mechanical and body. I have fished in loads of other places and have caught lots of fish and numerous sand bar sharks. please dose any one know what i am doing wrong. where were you fishing in the tidal pools to catch the shark?
7 years ago#4
After I made the ceremonial dive, I just went to the nearest shore and started fishing. I guess I was lucky to pick the right spot the first time.
7 years ago#5
What i did was fish on the mound of sand and got it the 3rd or 4th time.
7 years ago#6
My sim fished from the sand bar in the middle of the tidal pool, too. I didn't catch him fast though. It took a few visits and he caught quite a few other fish before her reeled in the shark. Keep at it.
7 years ago#7
i think it was a glitch on the game i restarted the whole game and after i done the dive i caught it 1st time
7 years ago#8
i know, i found it in there; caught 2 in a row
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  3. Tidal Pools- Catching a tiger shark Possibal Glitch!!!!!

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