Any 3rd party apps for LAN support?

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User Info: Maxpowers_32

6 years ago#1

I haven't played PC games in years but would love to play starcraft 2 multiplayer with my family. The original was awesome and I just played it again and would like to play the sequal. Without LAN support though, how am I supposed to play with the 4 of us in the house?

I have almost no desire to play against people online and really don't want my stats monitored or anything. All I want it to play the multiplayer with the people in my house. Also, I have very unreliable internet even though I have the house networked so I was wondering if there will be a LAN patch released by a 3rd party that I can use if I buy the game. If not there is no way I'm buying 4 copies of a game to play it inside my house.

User Info: silly_z45

6 years ago#2
users always find a way, and for a game as big as starcraft your dream will happen

User Info: king manic

king manic
6 years ago#3
the LAN option was the way most of the pirates rigged up online so they excluded it. I suppose you could blame the pirates. A 3rd party now has a bigger job to do because they have to crack the netcode to dial into a 3rd party server instead of the smaller job of simulating a LAN via the internet.

They'll probably layer a lot protection into it so don't expect a solution for a while and don't expect it to be very simple. Blizzard will also be actively looking out for this so expect any solution to be litigated and coded out of existence.

I think you may be better off with improving your connection. You have multiple computers that are new enough to play SC so a switch to a decent broadband option should be affordable.

Due to the internet the LAN option is not that popular and is the primary vector for pirated multiplayer so it make business sense. I heard CNC4 did nto have a LAN option either. If Blizz/Activision is nice they will allow single key multiplayer on bent (allow a single key to spawn copies and play the people with the same key).
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