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6 years ago#1
im prot
i finally reached plat which was my goal and now its time to get serious lol, we won alot of games by rushing :/ never cheese tho

anyways most of the time i either go 2 gate robo or 3 gate robo

i never really 4 gate

what are some effective 2v2 bo's and strats

i like 2 or 3 gate robo to get colossus out early..but than i have to ignore blink so i dont know its always situational i know, i heard 4 gate always wins but i dont like 4 gate..maybe im doing it wrong
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6 years ago#2
My buddy and I just got to silver, but we managed to score a few wins off of Plat and Diamond players going 4gate/3gate robo and roach rushing. Usually my warp tech finishes around the time he has 9 roaches, and that puts us in a good position for pushing. From there these basic builds transition easily into others.

Or two gate rush with a 5rr/7rr, whatever tickles your fancy. I'm sure you know early pressure is magnified in team games =p
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6 years ago#3
if i understood right, your partner is zerg.
Try doing this, it works for me. At the start of the match on any map which does not have a shared base, have your zerg buddy move an overlord to the edge of one of your opponents bases, lets call him foe1. When your warp gates are almost done, build a pylon under said overlord. now make some units in your base and send them with roaches to attack the OTHER guy, foe2, and focus mainly on this attack. when foe1 goes to help foe2, warp zealots and stalkers inside foe1s base. have the zerg keep pressing the attack on foe2.

works wonders.
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6 years ago#4
yea i never backdoor unless its a shared base, or warp prism

im trying to utilize all protoss strats because i always just do the same thing or adapt to the situation

shared maps are the hard ones for us, i cant count the times we lost to 2 terran because by the time we attack they have a buncha thors lol

u just gave me an idea to maybe attack with my friend *or defend* and send a warp prism to their back and warp in units as well as drop an immortal
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6 years ago#5
Me and my friend are too the same when playing 2v2. Two good early pushes that work nicely is ling/stalker and chargelot/roaches. This is what you want to push out with for map control first. 2 to 3 stalkers with lings can do some early damage quite nicely, especially against another zerg who FE.

If you let two terrans tech up to mass thors, you're probably pushing out very late. But if thats the case,he goes muta/ling, you get some immortals and chargelots out. Then transition to colossi since he probably will have a decent amount of rines.
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6 years ago#6
This is the current strongest (by far) PZ strategy in 2v2.


Basically what Brt83 said but a lot more polished. Don't bother with stalkers. Speedlings/Zealots beat anything that come out this early.
6 years ago#7
if i go 2 gate robo, when should i tech blink
if i go 4 gate
when do i tech blink

i always do it at diff times, but 80% of the time i forget because ive been trying all these new strats i forget to tech up in forge or blink i just go straight colosus which might be causing my units to be too weak
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6 years ago#8
how do you beat 2 terran'
just lost to 2 terran who had mass thors marines maras n siege tanks

at that point my friend had a crap load of hyrdas n i had like 3-4 colosus 3-4 immortals and abuncha ground units

they litterly died in 3 seconds i thought my colosus and hts would at least do some dmg

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6 years ago#9
i used to play PZ (now we do ZZ) and what usually happened was that my zerg partner harassed/kept map control with speedlings/mutas/banelings and I built up a massive 2gate robo army. THe other two players would work to counter my Z partner, while I scouted and countered them.

When time came to attack, or them to push, we'd decimate them and win. It worked up until Plat, where we switched it up with proxies and eco builds. This was somewhat successful, but once I switched to Zerg, even if we 7 pooled we'd usually have a better eco than the remaining or both remaining players. I personally think that if you can survive an early rush and eco up after a counter, you will win every game.

Very key to scout early and scout often. Sometimes dual P who go double 4 gate give us a hard time, but we will go banelings or +1 zerglings and usually can hold it off.

Macro becomes huge the higher up you get.
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6 years ago#10
For two terrans, you want banelings, chargelots, sentries, stalkers, collosi, mutas. Get the mutas/stalkers to focus the tanks down, then watch the banelings/lots and collosi tear up the rines. The sentries can use guardian shield to protect your lots/banelings.

HT work as well, but be careful not to catch your partner's mutas in the storm.
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