How to uninstall SC2?

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5 years ago#1
This game sucks.

No, just kidding. It's actually too addictive. It's almost like an RPG crawler in that you keep playing to get marginally better, in search of an elusive and ever moving goal. It's taken way too many hours from my life. So my New Year's resultion is no more until Heart of the Swarm! Which given Blizzard's track record means I'll be safely retired and possibly on my death bed with nothing better to do.

So how do I uninstall but keep my save and replay files? Anyone done this? Where are the files? Just in case I ever want to replay a campaign mission or if the sequel makes use of my prior saves--those Perdtion Turrets I purchased may come in handy some day!

And I assume B.Net will keep my account and statistics right? Unfortunately my #1 Diamond ranking is going to plummet <_<.

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