Ultimate Build for Squadron Tower Defense

#1yakkacruzPosted 7/7/2011 10:31:58 AM
So I kinda spent a lot of time with this game. And I spent a lot of time figuring out the best build I could make, which is very precise and delicate.

I'm pretty sure it's the best possible single-lane hybrid build. Here's where you can come in and steal it and ridicule my efforts and whatnot.

I only list when to buy SCVs up to the 3rd bought SCV. Your finances will vary depending on if you clean up teammates' leaks or if the enemy thor kills leaks, or if you get romped by strong spawned units. You need to freestyle in this map.

Missing any unit on the specified level is certain leakage.

1 - Watcher(next to wall, at least 2 squares from entrance barrier), Proton(over one, back one)
2 - Aqua(next to watcher) - SCV
3 -
4 - Oceanus - SCV
5 -
6 -
7 - Mudman(front of watcher) (get at 6 if you can) - SCV speed after Mudman - An SCV after speed whenever you can
8 -
9 - Golem
10 - Disciple1(behind watcher)
11 -
12 -
13 - Disciple2(behind disciple1)
14 - Disciple3(next to disciple2)
15 -
16 - Seer(next to proton)
17 - Fenix
18 - Messiah(disciple1)
19 -
20 - sell Watcher, replace with seer&fenix
21 - sell proton, replace with seer
22 - Fenix

It ends here because there are too many variables. All you want to do is spam Fenixes and SCVs.

You build against a wall because it limits how well you can be surrounded.

The first 3 units are delicately positioned so that on the hoverlord level (5), the hoverlords spread across all 3 units instead of spiking one. If you switch the watcher with the aqua, the watcher will move too far ahead of the others and get spiked down.

You can survive level 6 without a mudman as long as there are no overbearing spawned units in the mix. But you want to be safe.

You will leak level 10 if you get an overbearing spawned unit, but there's nothing you can do.

It might seem weird that you get 3 Disciples without upgrading any to Messiah. This is done because the damage and health increase for the cost isn't worth it against those specific spawns due to their armor types vs. the Disciple damage types. Not upgrading is more efficient here.

You later upgrade 1 to a messiah at level 18. This is for both damage and increasing his health so he doesn't die and cause your weaker disciples to get attacked.

Fenixes are by far the best unit in the map. Nothing terran or zerg has can compare. Messiah's make them stronger too. Though all you need is one, you can upgrade the other 2 based on the conditions (you need to freestyle based on what is being spawned against your team, and such)

If anyone cares.
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#2Jester323Posted 7/7/2011 10:40:29 AM
Is it possible to post a replay. I don't play custom games like this so I don't know if they even get saved.
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#3moocher109Posted 7/7/2011 1:13:44 PM
This strat sounds good, I'll try it out the early golem sounds like a good idea but it will hurt my eco slightly. Dunno why but I like to have mainly messiah and only 4 or 5 fenix late game. seems to kill stuff faster than mass fenix.
Is this not a reasonable place to park?
#4yakkacruz(Topic Creator)Posted 7/7/2011 9:22:56 PM
I can't post a replay.

Fenix take forever to kill. They're better should the game come to the final level, and should the enemy be spawning lots of strong units. The durability also lets you clean up team leaks better as well.

If my team is winning, I'll usually try to not send anything too strong, actually. So the game is more satisfying for everyone.
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#5yakkacruz(Topic Creator)Posted 7/8/2011 5:36:42 PM
fishing for feedback
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#6MateriaSoldierPosted 7/8/2011 7:55:07 PM
Two watchers will last you up until round 5 I believe. You'll never need more than a watcher for round 1, and unless you get a muta or the like you can do round 2 with just one watcher as well, or a watcher and proton. squeezing the first couple scvs out in the first 5 rounds can make a pretty big difference. Personally I just skip oceanus anymore and get about 4 watchers and a mudman until boss.
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#7yakkacruz(Topic Creator)Posted 7/14/2011 4:12:29 AM
I have a new idea I'll try later
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oh joy, more additions to the game. now there's more science to do!
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#9yakkacruz(Topic Creator)Posted 7/16/2011 7:37:07 AM(edited)
play 10 games
10th game is actually heading towards an endgame
2 people leave on 17th level
4 thors


Now that we can customize every single unit tier, this game is going to devour me.

As for the build I posted, chances are that it's not the best protoss build. I used too linear of a method.

Also to note is that it's only for a random 4v4 metagame. If you were to 1v1, things change dramatically. If you play against someone or a team who is aware of refined builds and the metagame, things change.
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#10EnricoMarini01Posted 7/16/2011 7:28:58 AM
yakkacruz posted...
play 10 games
10th game is actually heading towards an endgame
2 people leave on 17th level
4 thors


Yakka, tell them more pew pew, less QQ.
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