Here it comes - Battle.Net 2.0

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Information here and there about your Very interesting history. Launch - 1997
First ever gaming service to be incorporated into a game itself, and FREE!
Chat with simple IRC-like commands, channels and whispers, even inside games.
Up to 4 players per game. Join/leave games with anyone in the world, set password.
(Data stored on hard drive, very easy to hack).
Website with help, as well as a forum. Revamp with StarCraft - 1998
Up to 8 players in a StarCraft game, with a number of game types for preference.
Ladder features and ranking.
Possible to speak to players of other games. Revamp with Diablo II - 2000
Move games onto the servers. Cheating dropped significantly.
New avatars showing players as they look ingame.
Extended ladder support, including "Hardcore" gameplay. Revamp with WarCraft III - 2002
Still one of the best gaming services available. Still free.
Friend System
Automatic/Anonymous Matchmaking. Reduced win-trading.
Selectable chatroom icons unlocked from player's wins.
Friends list to keep contact with your friends.
Clan support. Addition with Frozen Throne - 2003
Automated Tournaments. Status - 2004
Active user count: Nearly 12 million
User hours spent per day: 2.1 million hours
Average concurrent users: 200,000
Peak concurrent users: 400,000

Battle.Net 2.0 Itself
Improved In-Game Functionality Any quote from Blizzard clearly states that while they won't talk much about 2.0, we will be blown away or be very impressed. It's a given that all current features for will be included - and improved! Blizzard has said they have learned a lot from WoW on infrastructure, and features from WoW will definitely also be seen. So Battlenet 2.0 WILL feature:

Excellent Ping
Channels and Chat in-game
Ladders and Rankings, secured against cheating.
Extended stats, with possibility to see who D/C etc (source)
AMM-type Matchmaking
Avatars, Images and Icons to represent yourself
Diablo III Hardcore mode
Friends/Ignore Lists with advanced management (see accounts below)
Clan Support
Automated Tournaments
In-Game Voice Chat
"eSport Support"
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thats cool
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Is it just me or is that website making made up/stupid claims just to draw attention?

That's low...
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We shall see, my friends... We shall see.
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So, you were strolling through a StarCraft news site and decided to post some extremely old news for the heck of it?

.. Time for a name change.

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Ah, how delicious it is when the pot calls the kettle black, or when someone decides it's not immature at all to copy those he resents. Either interpretation is fine.
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So, you were strolling through a StarCraft news site and decided to post some extremely old news for the heck of it?

*prepares response*
*sees that this was posted by Deckard*

So, hopefully Bnet 2.0 will support game filtering by map or game name, as well as inverse filtering (like, show me everything that doesn't have "DotA" in it). wc3Browser is a useful tool from the Hive Workshop that I've been using to find custom games, but it can be a little annoying to alt+tab each time I need to find a game.

As for the other stuff...

Excellent Ping - Cool, so Diablo II will finally be playable!
Channels and Chat in-game - OMG NO WAY
Ladders and Rankings, secured against cheating. - Oh boy I can't wait.
Extended stats, with possibility to see who D/C etc (source) - Hosting bots can already do this, but host-bots are irritating so this could be a useful feature.
AMM-type Matchmaking - Okay...
Avatars, Images and Icons to represent yourself - OMG NO WAY #2
Diablo III Hardcore mode - OMG NO WAY #3
Friends/Ignore Lists with advanced management (see accounts below) - OMG NO WAY #4
Clan Support - OMG NO WAY #5
Automated Tournaments - OMG NO WAY #6
In-Game Voice Chat - Cool, so now we don't have to mess around with Vent.
Hack-Free - Lol yeah right.
"eSport Support" - Who cares.

A grand total of... what, 2 new features? Both of which are already possible using third-party software? 2.0 looks a lot like 1.0 with Ventrilo added, doesn't it? I think this is further evidence that SCwire is a worthless site that ought to be ignored until it produces something of interest. So keep checking the site, guys!!1!11!
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It would be amusing if they announced a monthly fee to
I imagine the sheer nerd rage alone would light anyone who read it on fire.
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I'm not complaining about the new Bnet, exactly; I like the current version just fine. It's just the way SCwire tries to put all this bull up as "news" (even if it's old news now, SCwire obviously tried to make it news at some time). and generates hype by copying and pasting all the features from older Blizzard products.