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5 years ago#1
I always scroll by moving my cursor to the edge of the screen. However, I was watching a video ( and this guy says he uses the arrow keys to scroll because it helps him microing the probe. However, I like to keep my left hand to the left side of the keyboard as much as possible since I find it easier to orientate.
Anyway, I was wondering how you guys mostly scroll while playing. What do you find the best way to scroll while microing? Is it all just personal preference, or do all higher level players use the same way to scroll? Any advice on this matter is appreciated!
5 years ago#2
well, pressing down the well button while moving the mouse makes the screen scroll.
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5 years ago#3
In the beginning of the game i use the arrows, when i have few hotkeys to use. But after my base gets up and running, i use arrows/minimap/hotkeys to move around the map.
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