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This game magically kills my internet.

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6 years ago#1
I don't know what's up. I play dozens of games online including many other Blizzard games.

This is what happens:
I connect to in StarCraft II. It lasts a few seconds. Then it says it lost the connection to and tries to get it back.

When I exit out my whole internet connection is down. I can't visit sites or anything.

After experimenting I've discovered this ONLY happens and 100% of the time when I log into from StarCraft II. This game somehow manages to kill my internet connection when I log into it. It kills it for itself and for everything else. It doesn't fix until it stops being logged in or stops trying to relog automatically.

6 years ago#2

Maybe it's because the game isn't released yet? And Blizzard can device via their servers if you can play the game....?

Just a guess.

6 years ago#3
Did your second sentence make any sense?
6 years ago#4
Nevermind his second sentence, his whole post really doesn't make any sense. The first sentence doesn't even belong as a response in this topic.
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6 years ago#5
That was not legible in any way.
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6 years ago#6
That's what I thought.... lol
6 years ago#7
Well, there's no reason for this. Looks like I won't be buying this game as I can't play it.
6 years ago#8
Contact Blizzard.
6 years ago#9
They want to make talking to them as hard as possible.

I can't log into any tech support forums for some reason. It won't let me post in them.

Their email replies are wholly useless. They're slow, clumsy and never help. I need to talk to someone face to face but when I go onto the tech support for my other games where this is possible they say they can't help and to go to SCII's incredibly unhelpful tech support which I can't talk to a real person at.
6 years ago#10
It could be your connection isn't strong enough. If you put too much strain on a weak connection, it collapses. Same thing happened with Champions Online for me. I bought a better router and reciever and performance improved astronomically.
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  3. This game magically kills my internet.

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