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Hey All

I have recently moved and don't have a home Internet connection yet. Besides my job will put me in remote areas often where Internet will not always be available. I have my laptop at the office with me so I could install and activate my game. But when i unplug it from the Internet and try to play single player i get the message saying

1) "Can't connect to" and my options are "play offline" and "ok". So I push play offline and I get

2)"offline play authorization required" "to enable offline play, connect to to authorize your game client. you also need at least one Sc2 character on the account"

I have played a 1v1 match already (and lost), and I started the first mission, so I know that everything is authorized. What is my next step?


6 years ago#2
You have to be connected to the internet to authorize the game at least one time, after that you can play offline as much as you want.
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6 years ago#3

There should be a post above But I can't see it...

6 years ago#4
You have to be connected to the internet to authorize the game at least one time, after that you can play offline as much as you want
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6 years ago#5
I guess I should ask how to authorize my game then? I thought I did that already.
6 years ago#6

So i guess even if you log in to your then load a guest and un plug you stillget booted. Dose anyone know a way around this?

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Have you been playing as guest? Or did you make your account?
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6 years ago#9
I have made a account, I also played a 1vs1 ,and the first 2 missions at my office during lunch. If I load my mission before I leave I can finish it once i get home offline but the second it is finished I get an error telling me that i do not have the right language pack and then I get booted back to the log in screen. If I try to play as a guest while not connected to the internet It tells me that my client is not authorized for offline play
6 years ago#10

I get something like this too, and it blows my mind that I cannot get any help from any of the forums online. Not to be critical, some of you guys rock for trying, but man it blows my mind how much trouble a single PC game can be.

I can play Skirmish, challenges, and MP but cannot play the SP campaign. I just paid $60 for this too.

The actual message I get is as follows:

"Your Starcraft 2 account does not have access to the single player features. If you would like to access the SC 2 campaign, challenges, and single player custom games, you must purchase the full version of SC 2."

Then it states I "Need an authorized language pack" and jumps me back out to the log in screen.

Also when I attempt to play offline, it also tells me to enable offline play, go to Yet I cannot find anything on BNet to enable this.

Ty to anyone that is able to help, greatly appreciate it.

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