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6 years ago#1

Anyone care to predict when the next installment to the trilogy will be release from Blizzard? I give it a year. If anyone has heard of anything, do tell!

6 years ago#2
Heart of the Swarm is the next expansion and i heard somewhere that they weren't even in production of them yet. Course i could always be wrong.
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6 years ago#3
blizzcon 2010 is coming soon...so it'll be announced then
6 years ago#4
@shadower11223 I think you are wrong. I remember in an interview sometime back in spring that the single player team was already done with SCII and were moving onto the first expansion and the reason the game took so long to come out is they were still tuning multiplayer/working on Battle.net 2.0
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6 years ago#5
if it takes them like 3+ years to bring them out SC2 is going to be on ass ugly game compared to what is out then, oh wait it already is XX
6 years ago#6
Well I can assure you it won't be another 10 years. My guess is going to be a a year to a year and a half per expansion. So legacy of the void in 2 to 3 years.
6 years ago#7
2012, right before the apocalypse. The 3rd expansion is heaven.
6 years ago#8
I sure hope it's much sooner than 3 years. These are expansions, not complete games. There's not a lot to add here. It's all creative mission building, maybe some interface art changes, but little else. The core game engine remains unchanged. It should come MUCH faster than that. One year per expansion is still too long, though knowing Blizzard it will take that much or more. Very disappointing if it happens that way.

Entire game sequels come out faster than that, and they have more that's actually "new".
6 years ago#9
I would say about a year per expansion as well. Could be even shorter considering the majority of the modeling is already done, all they have to do is work on the story, level design, and whatever few new models will be in the expansions. I think the real question is, what new units will be in the expansions?
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6 years ago#10
Next year. It wont take them long to do this, as all the difficult parts are taken care of - making the game. They just need to introduce ~30 new maps for the campaign and fabricate the story. Possibly new units, extremely doubtful
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