is there a way to return digital copies

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6 years ago#1
I made a mistake buying the digital copy instead of the retail copy. This is one of the best games and I really want to have the CD with the box and everything, but I already purchased a digital copy. Is there a way to return the digital one and purchase a retail one instead to add to your account?
lol mods never lose
6 years ago#2
once you input the code i dont think its possible
6 years ago#3
No. You already know the CD-key, so you can't just return it.
6 years ago#4
1. Sell digital copy at a discount price
2. Buy a retail copy.
3. Steal friend's wallet to make up for budget loss
4. ???
5. PROFIT!!!
6 years ago#5
Jessica aka soo yeon <_<
6 years ago#6
All I did was buy it though. And I just downloaded it from the link. I don´t know what code you are talkign about.
lol mods never lose
6 years ago#7
lol so naive he means the product Key by "code" its the license to bind the License to your B.net2 Account after that, you may not return it in anyway. I'd just stick with it because either way it'll last you forever. DVDs however.. you get the picture, 6 years from now when you've installed it for the 4th time and you go to play it and you get a file corruption error then you go awe damn now I have to DL the install files anyway?
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6 years ago#8
But you are able to back up the files onto a CD right?
lol mods never lose
6 years ago#9
You could buy the retail copy and sell the retail cd-key on ebay or something at a reduced price... if you REALLY want a physical copy.
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6 years ago#10
DVDs will last you a life time with proper care. I have games from over 10 years ago that still work. Hell, my Tie Fighter floppy disks still work too if I had a floppy drive.
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