Guide: How to get better at Starcraft II

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The best answer to get better in Starcraft 2 is definitely practice. Practice makes perfect. Here's additional point to improve our game plays.

Focus on a specific area when you are practicing. For example, you are learning a new build. Keep practice the same build over and over again until you can do it with your eyes close. You can even work on your practice with micro such as Blink Stalker micro or even Marine Splitting against Banelings.

Try to have a broad general idea of your games. For example, you are doing a 3 Gate expansion in PvZ and you scouted the Zerg is going for a fast Lair tech with an expansion. This should immediately alarm you of potential 1)Mutalisks, 2)Hydralisks 3)Infestors 4)Baneling Drops. You should know every possible solution for whatever you face.

Good luck
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I'd say the toughest part about getting better is having the will to keep playing, even after a losing streak or during a slump. It's the only way, really. Gotta practice.
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Of course. I hate the losing streak that comes after you quit playing for a day or two though.
Don't worry.
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I agree. Practice is really the best way to learn. You can read and watch all day, but without practice, you will not succeed.
Oh my.
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Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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Wow this is sweet, pretty much what I was looking for, cant wait to see the videos!!! Just started multi-player, the initial rush I got from starting my first build was amazing... my heart rate jumped to like 180! And I won!
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I need to start playing more.
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