I'm disabled, and I just sent Blizzard the following email

#41TamericPosted 8/17/2010 5:53:41 AM
Blizzard doesn't need to cater to the handicap.
#42jmattrPosted 8/17/2010 6:03:18 AM
Was expecting some "And even i can faceroll as terran" story, was dissapoint.
#43markinthedarkPosted 8/17/2010 6:06:27 AM

wait what? plenty of people only play with the mouse... why do you need speech recognition?

i like to drink beer with my left hand when i play, perhaps this speech recognition could help me...

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Some truly despicable stuff; hey mods, why is this thread still standing? Things like this make me glad to no longer be a site regular.
#46Dirty1White1BoyPosted 8/17/2010 6:13:41 AM
"Dude come on, use your brain a little bit and dont be so lazy. You could easy get creative and engineer a way to press hotkeys such as taping something to your forearm or something to use at the directed hotkeys."

Maybe you should try using your brain once or twice before you jump for your keyboard, eh? That's not just rude but highly insulting.

Taping something to his forearm to poke keys while he mouses? This is your engineering at work? Wow. Nothing quite says "MIT material right here" more than toothpicks with scotch tape and arm hair stuck to them after you play StarCraft, let me tell you.

Not only that, why would he engineer anything? Windows already did, and it's called speech recognition. I know, it's not quite as advanced as your arm sling with drinking straw poking attachment, but it gets the job done. Why would he be limited to that? I seriously doubt he can speak any faster in letter form than I can type it out with my fingers, he's still at a serious disadvantage anyway, so what's the problem? In the time it would take to say "One "C" Three "D" or whatever I would've already done it just as fast or faster.

I don't get the level of ass-hatery here. I don't know if dude is seriously disabled, nor do I care. I have to assume he is for a number of reasons, and act accordingly as a civil and intelligent adult. I realize some of you may be lacking both, but at least you can pretend for a moment and not let the internet douche in you come out. You wouldn't say any of this to a guy at Wal-Mart with his family under the same circumstances, so don't come here all smug wearing your anonymity cape and do it either.
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Wow, I had forgotten why I stopped posting on GameFAQs some five years ago. Now I remember.
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Skyhopper ignore the other morons trying to pull you down. You're obviously very dedicated to a hobby that does not really cater for your condition and I applaud your efforts. Game on brother.

My advice, shoot Blizzard an email and see what the official word would be.
I doubt they'd lay down a ban hammer for what you're doing considering the circumstances.
Then again they are owned by activision... lol

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