What Does "Butter My Biscuit" Even Mean?

#1razenwingPosted 11/18/2010 4:59:07 AM

Now, I looked up the term in urban dictionary. But I don't know if that's what someone put on there AFTER scII has been released. I never heard of the term anywhere else... like EVER.

It's funny when SCVs say it. But I really doubt Blizzard would put an obvious... sexual innuendo as a dialogue.

So I always assumed it meant something else.

Anyone know where this term came from?

#2Angry_Walrus7Posted 11/18/2010 5:00:40 AM
He wants butter on his biscuit.

Pretty obvious.
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#3BlackSheepWallsPosted 11/18/2010 5:04:44 AM

I just read the term in a topic about female sc pro players, I just don't get it...!?

#4razenwing(Topic Creator)Posted 11/18/2010 5:06:44 AM

BlackSheepWalls posted...

I just read the term in a topic about female sc pro players, I just don't get it...!?

Yea, but I suspect that's NOT what it meant originally.

#5taketheshoeoffPosted 11/18/2010 5:10:52 AM
zergs prefer jam

protoss tea

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#6fredthedread619Posted 11/18/2010 6:11:18 AM
We call it cookies in murica.

deal with it.
#7woody71Posted 11/18/2010 6:29:23 AM

added 2 years ago...

I know it's not from starcraft but for the life of me I can't remember where I heard it before
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#8OldSnakeRebornPosted 11/18/2010 7:26:45 AM
Well, there is a saying...

"Butter my ass and call me a biscuit."

It's probably to do with that.

I think it's from a movie of some kind. I can't recall which one but it was made in the 80s or 90s, I think.

If I recall a lot of units in Starcraft say famous lines of movies. Like the Marines saying, "I'm still in this chicken**** outfit" or the captain saying, "It's a trap!"

But yeah. I don't think it really means anything.
#9shadowrunner103Posted 11/18/2010 7:35:34 AM
Obviously it's space redneck slang from the future for "please spread butter on my biscuit".
#10hocuspokuzPosted 11/18/2010 7:41:38 AM
I think its because all the terran are a bunch of rednecks. And if there ever was an intergalactic war with space marines in distant galaxies... we know who would be the first to board ship...
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